Looking Back At The Good Ol Days Is a Comfort Right Now

Social Distancing …. An oxymoron if I ever heard one. As human beings, we were not created to act naturally to such a directive. It’s why we instinctively high five every willing fan within our reach after a touchdown, home run and / or goal. This action is the very essence of buying a round at your favorite local sports establishment while gathering with friends, family and of course strangers. This has been a rough time for all of us. However, WE must remember that the greatest freedom of our country is “opportunity”. The opportunity to rebound and become stronger, better and closer. This too shall pass!! While I have enjoyed watching there replay of Game 6 of that 1975 World Series betwee

Best Sports Documentaries For Stay at Home Viewing

"Four Days in October." If you want to go back to the Greatest Comeback in Sports History, this is your ticket. There's no narration. It's told through the eyes of the 2004 Red Sox, as it should be. We all know Kevin Millar set the tone for overcoming that 3-0 deficit to the Yankees. Not with his Game 4, ninth-inning walk. But by telling Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy that the Sox were going to come back after the longtime columnist had referred to the Sox as "frauds." "The Fab Five" Whether or not you like Michigan basketball, this one is great, and is one of my personal favorites. How the Wolverines of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard, the latter of whom is now the Michigan m

State of the G-Men, Post NFL draft

For the second year in a row the New York Giants found themselves drafting in the top five after a dismal 4-12 season. Certainly there are a plethora of reasons why this storied franchise continues to miss the playoffs, but I will only briefly discuss the offense and defense. The offensive unit has promise: QB Daniel Jones had flashes of brilliance and Saquan Barkley has proven he is a top tier running back. The receiving corps is solid (when healthy). The MAJOR problem is the offensive line. Second year guard Wil Hernandez had a good season but the rest of the O-Line was horrible. The Giants management paid WAY TOO MUCH (60 Million) for turnstile attendant Nate Solder. Management has failed

Patriots 2020 NFL Draft Explained

The NFL Draft was the first sense of normalcy in a Patriots offseason that has been anything but. There was something refreshing about Bill Belichick doing Bill Belichick things. Bill traded out of the first round, #23 overall, to pick up a second and a third rounder. This was fairly predictable unless you believed the pundits who lauded for months that “they could see the Patriots taking a quarterback at 23.” Keep in mind these were the same pundits who were flabbergasted (great word) a year ago when the Patriots selected a receiver in the first round. Where Belichick still managed to surprise everybody was when he invented a college, named it after a country singer (Leann Rimes) and used i

The Coronavirus is Not Making Me Miss The Celtics, But I Sure Miss Larry Bird

The Celtics should be a couple of weeks into the 2020 playoffs right now. I will be brutally honest with you: I don’t miss the NBA playoffs at all. #truth. Now to be clear I’m not one of these middle aged guys that bash that league. In fact it's the opposite. I think the NBA product right now is fantastic. There was a time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that the NBA was as unwatchable as daytime TV. Teams walked the ball up the floor, dumped it repeatedly inside to a big man while struggling to score even 90 points a night. That era almost undid all the league building good work of Magic, Larry and Michael. But today's NBA is full of running and gunning, three point shots and 120 point ga

Top 5 Favorite MLB Players

Facebook is full of these polls these days. So we have decided to rip some of them off. STERLING Mo Vaughn Pedro Martinez Ted Williams David Ortiz Ken Griffey Jr. SOLARI Wade Boggs Ted Williams Tony Gwynn Pedro Martinez Greg Maddux Give us your top 5. E Mail Jeff@sportschowdah.com or see our Facebook page


The greatest season in the history of college hockey has been in the news quite a bit these days… As it should be. In fact the Maine-Lake Superior State 1993 title game was just shown again on local TV this past weekend. U-Maine going 42-1-2 is something that was unprecedented and will not be repeated (in my humble opinion). So many ‘stars’ were born that season, or at the very least became household names. Paul Kariya and Jim Montgomery were obviously the big ones. But that was also the coronation of Shawn Walsh as a coaching King, of Grant Standbrook as the greatest recruiter in the country, Mike Dunham and Garth Snow as future NHL goalies, Cal Ingraham as a local folk hero, and the Ferrar

Bill vs Tom: Legacy at Stake

It's easy to argue that Bill Belichick is to blame for Tom Brady trading in Patriots blue for Tampa Bay Buccaneers red. While that debate continues to rage through Patriots Nation - and with no live sports on TV, what else do we have to talk about - another one comes to mind. Who is the true kingpin of the dynasty? The Greatest Of All Time or The Hoodie? Any coach will tell you that it's a player's game. And in some cases, great players can make coaches look great. Jeremy Swayman comes to mind in regards to last year's UMaine hockey team. In the case of the Patriots, I'd have to say it's Brady by a wide margin. This is of no disrespect to Belichick, who is a Hall of Fame coach. But, His Hood

It's Time To Tee It Up at Some Maine Courses

Let me say that if you, a family member, a friend or a coworker have been affected by COVID-19 I truly hope that the battle was short and the outcome has been positive. Theres not much I can say that hasn’t already been said about this horrible pandemic that has taken over our world. I have a couple of friends here locally who indeed have been infected by the Coronavirus. One was hospitalized. Mercifully both have recovered. We are very fortunate in eastern and northern Maine to not have been greatly affected as badly as our neighbors and friends in Cumberland and York Counties. I give credit to our state lawmakers and I am largely proud of the way our state government and Maine residents ha

The Kings of Boston Sports Through History

With the buzz about the royal wedding beginning to subside, I got to thinking about who had sat upon the throne of Boston sports. There isn’t much argument as to who is sitting atop the kingdom right now, but going by the rules of the monarchy, where you are king until you parish, I wondered what the lineage looked like. Was there anybody who got passed over for the crown because someone’s reign ran parallel with their own? There were some tough omissions, but hey, in royalty even if you’re not a king you could be a prince? I am operating under the rules that someone sits on the throne until they retired, left Boston or passed away and cannot be booted off of the throne for any other reason.

Former New York Jet Mike DeVito has eyes on PhD in philosophy, loves studying theology

This story is courtesy of SI.com. Mike DeVito is a regular contributor to the Sports Chowdah. When Michael DeVito retired from the NFL three years ago, he traded Sundays at the stadium for being in church. Game plans and gap assignments for theology and Calvinism. The former New York Jets defensive tackle just completed his second master’s degree in Philosophy, Science and Religion. It sets him up, he hopes, for a return to campus not as a coach but in the classroom. He hopes to transition from quarterback pressures to professorship, with an eye towards eventually earning his doctorate. DeVito is one of those loveable players from the Jets team a decade ago that made consecutive AFC Champio

Tribute to High School Seniors Who Lost Their Last Season

I t's undeniable that a high school athlete's senior season is one of the best times of their athletic lives. Even if they're going on to play in college somewhere, nothing beats those last several weeks playing alongside your classmates and childhood best friends. Sadly, Maine's Class of 2020 won't get to experience that this spring. Not unexpectedly, the Maine Principals' Association announced Thursday the cancellation of the high school baseball, softball, track and field, tennis and lacrosse seasons in the Pine Tree State in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. While it's easy to understand the decision made by the MPA, it sucks in a multitude of ways. And for this journalist and former tr

Fourth and Goal With The Bam

Things are just ticking me off this week. So 92.9FM The Ticket decided it would be a good idea to create a Mount Rushmore of local high school sports figures. At it's core, this is silly and it's absolutely disingenuous to single out a certain few from the literally hundreds of athletes, coaches and administrators who make high school sports awesome. Mount Rushmore has just four heads. To pick only four people from these schools is totally unfair. My school, MDI, was recently featured. Total sham. Longtime MDI Athletic Director Bernard Paradywas not included on the Trojans Rushmore? Seriously? If you have the gym at your school named after you, you are one of the greatest of all time. How ab

Post Brady-Who is The King of Boston Sports

Almost two years ago, I drew the lineage of Boston sports royalty. (The piece from May 2018 is included in this edition of the Chowdah. Keep scrolling) Well in two years since that piece was written (I think there was a Royal wedding or baby, or a royal baby wedding that everybody was hot and heavy over) the Kingdom has seen some upheaval. Sir Mookie has been forsaken, took to Los Angeles, while the Duke of Gronkowski has retired to take up wrestling, both have given up their claimate to the throne. The throne, which has been occupied by Tom Brady since 2004 (he took over from Pedro Martinez,) is suddenly open as Brady has vacated the kingdom for all the Dave & Buster’s tokens in Tampa. So w

Let's Predict What Might Have Been

So before we all lived in a world drenched in sanitizer we used to enjoy sporting events. Heck, that’s what we used to binge watch before we became obsessed with Netflix, Hulu and Youtube. I’m old enough to remember when Oklahoma was known for a college football team more than a mullet sporting, tiger riding whacko. There was a day, way back, when “The Virus” was a cool nickname. (John Malkovich in Con Air) So long ago. I vaguely recall cheering for a team called the Red Stockings or something like that. I also seem to recollect brown bears on ice chasing a coveted Cup and another Boston team named after tiny green men. Bizarre. That all can’t be true can it? Maybe I have inhaled too much Ly

Here's a Movie to Avoid During Your Quarantine

Under the auspices of staying inside and away from people, I hunkered down on Sunday afternoon. While I scoured Netflix I stumbled upon Oliver Stone’s 1999 football flick, Any Given Sunday. You might be shocked to learn, that I, Sterling Pingree, all-time sportsman and football guy (seasonally Big Bruins Guy ((Registered Trademark)) ) have never watched Any Given Sunday. After hearing about how great this movie is for 20 years, mostly from my college roommate (shout out Tom Corbett), here’s a review. The Good I’m a sucker for sports movie cameos from real athletes. Larry Bird in Blue Chips, Barry Bonds in Rookie of the Year, Larry Bird in Celtic Pride, Drew Bledsoe in Jerry Maguire, and Larr

For Your Quarantine Viewing Pleasure

In normal times, this is arguably the best time of year to be a sports fan. March Madness, on courts and ice rinks. The Masters. The Bruins and Celtics locking down playoff position. The Red Sox and MLB. Suffice to say, 2020 isn't your "normal year," with sports - from high school to professional - on hold around the world as the world tries to combat the Coronavirus. Even during this mass stoppage, there are plenty of ways to get your sports fix in that don't include playing Madden or NBA2K on your PlayStation 4. I'm talking about some inspiring sports movies. Here are some great choices from each end of the spectrum, and we'll start with movies, fiction or based on true events. "Miracle."

Gronk is a WWE Champ!? Oh My!

Not a typo, Rob Gronkowski, in his first real work in WWE, won a championship at WrestleMania 36. Gronk’s role as host included about 5 total minutes of screen time in the 2-night, roughly 6.5 hour broadcast. The title Gronk won? Something called the 24/7 championship, where it can be won or lost at anytime and is generally held by mid-card talents and special guests. A group of wrestlers were brawling beneath the balcony that Gronk was posted up on for the weekend, and like Wayne & Garth at an Aerosmith concert, Gronk dove into the crowd of 10, found his buddy Mojo Rawley (current title holder) pinned him and ran out the door. Pro wrestling fans are generally very cynical, they hate everyth

When Will Sports Return?

If you had to guess, when do you think we’ll see sports resume in our country? In a time with so many bigger challenges, it might not be the most pressing question out there. But this is a sports e mail blast and to us sports fans it’s a legit question. Saturday afternoon President Trump and the leaders of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS, PGA, LPGA, Breeders’ Cup, UFC and WWE did a conference call to discuss the current state of the business of sports in America. Trump said he wanted the NFL to start on time in the fall. He also indicated he wanted fans back in stands as early as August. Let that sink in. August. At the earliest. That's basically four more months, 1/3rd of the year, of w

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