No Rocket in Cooperstown? The Just Bulldoze the Whole Thing

Another year, another sham of a vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The selection process is woefully broken. A bunch of old sports writers get to decide who is worthy and who isn't. No radio or TV people are allowed to vote. No internet bloggers. Just the same group of sports writers. Personal bias is a heavy influencer clearly. Derek Jeter is a top 3 shortstop of this generation. Not freaking debatable. But one writer left him totally off the ballot. For that clown to not vote for Jeter to the Hall of Fame is the most egregious form of ignorance and incompetence I can possibly imagine. Add to this travesty the greatest pitcher of ALL TIME, Roger Clemens continues to get shafted on every le

Award Winning Ideas to Save High School Football in Maine

It was a weekend of celebration for high school football players, coaches and fans. The Gaziano Awards named its newest winners for offensive and defensive lineman of the year. The Fitzpatrick trophy was given out to the states top ‘skill’ player. Among all the celebrating was continued conversation about the state of high school football in our state, specifically class A. In a word, it is broken, and most people agree on that. But how to fix it is debatable. I won’t pretend that any of the ideas I share are exclusively mine as I have spoken with a lot of coaches recently. So this is a combination of my own personal opinion, and that of some coaches and players. As it stands right now, and

Hall of Fame Voters are Crazy

This blog originally aired as a Jeff's Take on WABI TV 5 News. It doesn’t make much sense to have a donut shop that doesn’t sell donuts. Or an amusement park without rides. Or a Hall of Fame without, you know, famous people. Thanks to the old stodgy guys who take part in an outdated voting method, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were not elected to the baseball Hall of Fame again this year. Just ridiculous. Oh but wait, it gets even sillier. To go along with Derek Jeter, who obviously is a Hall of famer, the cranky baseball writers decided to enshrine Larry Walker this coming summer. Larry Walker?? I bet if I put him in a lineup with 5 local plumbers you couldn’t pick him out. He was a good pl

Kobe's Career: He Did It The Right Way

The sports world suffered one of its biggest tragedies of the 21st century when future NBA Hall of Famer Kobe Bryant perished in a helicopter crash outside of Los Angeles. What makes this tragedy even more heartbreaking is that one of the other victims was Kobe's 13-year old daughter, whom the L.A. Lakers legend was taking to her own basketball game. The sports world has had many unspeakable tragedies, from the Marshall University football plane crash in 1970, the massacre at the 1972 Summer Olympics, and close to home, the Boston Marathon bombing in the spring of 2013. But this one is heartbreaking for basketball fans everywhere, whether you're a Celtic-loving Laker-hater or a casual rooter

Kobe's Death Shows Us There's Not Always Time

I bought the book a year ago. It was one of those bargains where you’re pretty sure the item has been mislabeled, but it wasn’t so I bought two. I was familiar with the author, Roland Lazenby, he’d written the most complete book about Michael Jordan that I’d ever read. This book had such a similar cover to the Jordan book that it could have been a sequel. It featured just a simple black background which allowed the full color image of the subject to leap off the page, almost like a literal spotlight shining down on the star of the show. The subject, like the publication, could almost be considered a sequel to Michael Jordan. This book was called Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant. Showboat ha

UMaine Hockey Shocks The World. And Me.

“If I Woke Up Tomorrow with My Head Sewn to The Carpet I Wouldn't Be More Surprised Than I Am Now.” Clark Griswold I love that line from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. And boy does it apply right now, just hours removed from the UMaine mens hockey team winning not one but two games against #4 ranked Boston College. Seriously. This is not some made up internet story that you need to share to cash in on. UMaine really won both games this weekend against the highly ranked Eagles. In Overtime. On the road. Athletes always say they shocked the world after a big win. The level of shock here is equivalent to a power line falling in a swimming pool. Who are these guys? I don’t know but let’s

Time for Maine Hockey to Start Competing With The Decent Teams in Hockey East

A rare midweek game started well for the University of Maine hockey team on Wednesday. The Black Bears raced out to a 2-0 lead against Connecticut, leading Maine fans to believe that the Bears were going to take care of business against a team they should beat. But in a microcosm of the Red Gendron era, the Huskies scored the final three goals en route to a 3-2 victory in Bridgeport. Maine fans have seen this movie way too many times since 2013. It's one that has featured far too many sequels. If the regular season ended today, the Black Bears would not be in the Hockey East playoffs. Maine is a dismal 4-7-2 in league play, and it doesn't get any easier next weekend as the Black Bears visit

Alex Cora: Hollywood Villain

I really enjoy the Ocean’s 11movies. Danny Ocean, played by George Clooney, orchestrates elaborate schemes to pull off daring and lucrative heists. There are heart stopping twists and turns, but in the original and every sequel after, Danny and his team of talented cohorts always walk away with a lucrative bounty. It appears that there will be no Hollywood ending for former Red Sox Manager Alex Cora. He did his best Danny Ocean impression as he concocted elaborate plans to steal signs for not one but two MLB teams. He was pretty darn clever. But in a plot twist it all came crashing down on him. Cora has been dismissed from his job and is about to receive a beating from Major League Baseball

Tek Should Be The Next Manager of the Red Sox

January 13, 2020. 3:14pm. The Astros announce that they are firing their general manager and their regular manager. I posted on Facebook: “The Red Sox are going to fire Alex Cora. Who do YOU replace him with? Varitek?” Then, to my surprise, there hasn’t been a conversation about who the next Red Sox manager would be without the beloved catcher being involved. It has gone so far that Las Vegas has him listed as the favorite. I have started this movement and I couldn’t be more proud. Jason Varitek should be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. I do not, give one, single, solitary, damn that he hasn’t managed before. You know who else has never managed before they became a big league manager

Not High on Tek As The Next Sox Manager

You won’t find many Red Sox fans walking this planet that don’t love Jason Varitek. He’s deservedly one of the most popular Sox players in history. Without Tek theres no 2004 title. No mitt in A-Rods pompous face. No comeback. And really you have to love a catcher that jumps into the pitchers arms after the last out of the series, as Jason did in 04. Keith Foulke’s back has never been the same. Varitek wore the C when the Sox won again in 2007. He is one of only two others to call four no hitters. Just about every pitcher showers him with praise including Curt Schilling when he was here in Bangor at our Cookout with Curt last year. Tek may have retired after the 2011 season, but his name was

I Am Jealous Of My Brother In Law (He is a Chiefs fan)

I hate to admit this, but I’m jealous. I’m not proud of this fact. But I am darn jealous of my brother in law. Not because he lives in Nebraska. Duh. Or drives a mini van. But because he is a Chiefs fan. And his team is in the Super Bowl. I know this is sort of counter intuitive since I am a Patriots fan and we have appeared in basically half the Super Bowls these past two decades. But…. I'm jealous because this is the first time in his lifetime that his team is playing in the biggest game in the country. My brother in law, let's call him Mike, which is his name, is somewhere in his forties. He was born and raised in Independence, Missouri, right near the Kansas City border and only maybe 25

Another Sign Brady Will Be Back

On Sunday, news broke that the Cleveland Browns had hired Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski as their 12th head coach this Millennium. Meaning for the Patriots that offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, whom most experts said was a front runner for 2 or 3 top jobs this off-season, has been skunked again. Hell, even Patriots special teams/receivers coach Joe Judge got a head coaching job when he agreed to take the reins of the New York Football Giants (TM Chris Berman). The rumor that emerged after the announcement of Stefanski as the new Browns coach was that McDaniels wanted wide spread changes to the organization (who wouldn’t if you were taking over the Browns?) and owner Jimmy

Ryan's Random Thoughts While Dealing With Jet Lag

A few thoughts while trying to recuperate from the jet-lag of a quick but fun trip to the City of Angels.... - Celtics fans have officially replaced Red Sox fans as the most fickle fan base of the four New England major sports teams. The C's entered Saturday's game against the Pelicans on a modest three-game losing streak, but were still third in the tightly-bunched Eastern Conference. An NBA season has its ebbs and flows, but that doesn't stop fans of the Green for using their phones and keyboards to demand Danny Ainge ship Gordon Hayward packing for a center. Detroit big man Andre Drummond is a name that has been used in comment sections frequently. The Celtics are just fine. And is any GM

2019 Weather and Sports By The Numbers

How’s the New Year’s resolution deal working-out for you so far in 2020? I’ll share my primary “rez” with you in a bit, but first…. Being a card-carrying member of the meteorology geek club, I am into numbers and stats having to do with….duh….weather. Let me throw some at you as we peer in our rear view mirror at 2019. For example, how high did the temps soar in ’19? Our sweatiest day was July 20th, when we topped-out at 93 degrees. Our AC units were on full blast on July 4th, 5th and 6th with each day registering 91 degrees (a heat wave!) What day prompted the most shivering? Not a day in December, January or February. Nope, the lowest temperature of the year was recorded on March 8th, when

What The Red Sox Need Is a Punter

Yes, I said a punter. Someone who sends the ball to the other team to see if they can do something with it. Because right now it appears to me that the Red Sox have two options for the 2020 season and that is: A. Trade Mookie Betts and David Price to the Dodgers. I’m in favor of dumping Price under any circumstances, even if it means dumping him waist deep in the Boston Harbor to rebel against the British about the price of tea (or the tax on tea, seemed like a big deal at the time and now nobody even cares. What was it all for? I ask!) Any circumstance that is other than dealing Mookie Betts. Dumping Price is supposed to be a way to try and finagle enough cash to keep Betts, not usher

Gov Mills Killing Sports Betting in Maine Defies The Odds. And Common Sense.

Dirigo, our state motto, means “I Lead.” Perhaps it needs to be changed. At least when it comes to sports betting because we are now way behind many other states. Why? Because Governor Janet Mills hosed Mainers on Friday as bad as a back door cover. She vetoed a bill that would have brought legal sports betting, and the millions of dollars in revenue that comes with it, in Maine. “Before Maine joins the frenzy of states hungry to attract this market, I believe we need to examine the issue more clearly; better understand the evolving experiences of other states; and thoughtfully determine the best approach for Maine,” Mills wrote. There is a reason other states are “hungry” for legal sports b

Sing Along To Our Little Tom Brady Theme Song

Here’s a little story ‘bout a man named Brady, NFL quarterback who drove the poor league crazy. He won a few Super Bowls; then Father Time began to call. With a little Karma mixed in, the dynasty began shall fall. Titans take ‘em down … Vrabel that is … Like the trade, only business Belichick. Next thing you know, TB 12 needs a deal. This time around be sure the price will make you squeal. Tommy wants to stay, but Crusty wants him gone. Creating more eulogies than this silly little song. Hometown discount you say?? …. NOT this time, now way …. Cashing in the chips. So, it’s off to another land where the grass is always green. Maybe out to the West Coast or somewhere in between. There’s a dom

Without the Pats- Now What the Heck do I do to get through January?

I’m sitting here dazed and confused. It’s January 6th. And the Patriots are done playing football. This is as rare as the piece of raw steak I ate years ago which was “cooked” by my intoxicated buddy who tossed it on the grill for a couple of minutes, never flipped it, then served it. The season crash landed this weekend on Saturday January 4th. This is the earliest ending to a Patriots season since Dec 28, 2008. That’s the last time New England failed to make the playoffs. Before that it was 2002. I have legit forgotten what it feels like to be a fan of the average crappy NFL team who has nothing to cheer for after the calendar flips to the new year. And I’ll tell you it blows. It’s like fl

Thoughts on a Good Weekend for UMaine Hockey and Jim Montgomery

The University of Maine hockey team opened the 2020 portion of its schedule with a nice weekend against NCHC foe Omaha, picking up a 3-2 win on Saturday in Portland to follow up a 2-2 tie at Alfond Arena on Friday. While that puts the Black Bears at a respectable 10-8-4 overall as they prepare for the Hockey East stretch run, that's not the biggest news among the UMaine hockey family this weekend. Yes, I'm talking about former captain Jim Montgomery checking himself into a rehab program. Montgomery, whose natural hat trick in the 1993 national championship game capped arguably one of the best seasons in the history of college sports, checked himself into a rehab program for alcohol abuse, ac

Brady Will Be Back

"It's not supposed to end like this." It's bad enough we saw the Patriots lay a rare playoff egg in their one-and-done 14-13 Wild Card loss to the Tennessee Titans Saturday, but to hear CBS analyst Tony Romo utter that phrase as if he were droning that we're "on to Cincinnati" was even more disheartening. In the wake of the surprising home playoff defeat, the first Patriots postseason loss in Foxboro since Aaron Hernandez wasn't wearing jailhouse orange, Patriots social media immediately took to the thoughts that with a quarterback who will be 43 in August, it's time to "blow it up." Let's just say I'm happy Danny Ainge is not the general manager of the Patriots. Tom Brady would probably be

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