Four Pats Promises for this season

There's no question Tom Brady's bunch is favored to bring home a seventh Lombardi Trophy come February. There will be ups and downs along the way. But, here are four "Pats promises" - one for each down - that you can expect this season. 1. The road to Miami will go through Foxboro. That's a given. The Patriots will have home-field advantage. No disrespect to the folks in Kansas City, but I expect the Chiefs to take a step back this year, and Patrick Mahomes to go through some growing pains as opposing defenses start to figure him out. Not to mention the likes of KC, Pittsburgh and Cleveland all come to One Patriot Place in the regular season. The Steelers are a mess and Baker Mayfield and Co

Here's a Hall of Fame Idea: Build a new Fenway for the Sox and move the Baseball shrine to Bosto

A friend of mine, we'll call him Jim, recently shared photos on social media of his trip to a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. I was about to compliment him on his ability to edit his photos together in a split screen manner when I realized it wasn't a split screen. He had spent several hours in a car and likely a hundred bucks or so on a ticket that placed him directly behind a pole. His view was horribly obstructed by a beam in this dinosaur of architectural ingenuity. It's 2019. Why are MLB teams, the Red Sox specifically, continuing to play in old relics like Fenway? It's absurd on every level. Never mind the other silly gimmicks that this dump employs like a 37 foot wall, a wiffleballesque

7 Vets You Forgot Failed in Foxboro

It’s exciting when the Patriots bring in a veteran, the idea is the former star player comes to New England and get a chance at a ring before the sunset gets ridden off into. However, most of the time in Foxborough, it doesn’t seem to work out that way and big name veterans don’t last much past training camp. In chronological order, here are 7 names that you probably forgot ever had a cup of coffee at 1 Patriot Place. John Lynch- signed August 13th, 2008- Released September 1st. Retired. Not going to lie, I was really excited about this one. Rodney Harrison was at the end of his run, and I always admired John Lynch. Bucs fan Aaron Jackson tried to tell me that there was nothing left there, b

The most loyal or dumbest fan ever

Ha ha ha ha ha. I am easily amused by the stupidity of others. Seriously, this nitwit got this big ol tattoo on his leg recently. I admire his team loyalty. But it was a waste of money and ink. I'm glad the technology to remove ink has come a long way because there is no way that people from that crummy city are going to be celebrating on Feb 02, 2020 in Miami. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. Look, I get how desperate they are for a winning team and I think this year the Browns should be above .500. I love my OU boy Baker Mayfield. OBJ is a nice addition. But let's be clear. They are still a couple of years away. They have a head coach who has never even been a coordinator. If the Browns meet the Ho

It Takes More Than Just Luck to Know When To Retire

For most of us, knowing when to retire is an incredibly difficult decision. I think it’s true in most professions. Teachers. Accountants. Mechanics. Sports media people. You name it. Most of us just don’t know when to hang it up. There’s little doubt it’s many times harder for professional athletes to succumb to retirement. Just ask Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, and so many other players who should have hung up the cleats sooner. Tom Brady famously said years ago when asked about retirement “I will retire when I suck.” Most players, especially in the NFL, don’t have that luxury. If they don’t lose their jobs to younger and more talented people, health concerns are often a major factor when de

Wayne's Wiffle For a Wish Changes Lives

(photo courtesy Wayne's Wiffle For a Wish Facebook page) There are moments in life where you witness humanity at its pinnacle. Those moments seem rare, and you might not expect one to occur around plastic bats and balls. But… On Saturday morning, dozens of folks gathered for the 11thseason of Wayne’s Wiffle for a Wish. The annual pilgrimage of some young and NOT so young former athletes living that dream one more time to benefit Make a Wish in Maine. The “dream” of being a kid which is taken away from too many kids too early in life. This stat hurt much more than any sting of that little white plastic ball with holes. According to a representative from Make A Wish, over 90 kids per year are

Maine's favorite tailgate party food is not SPAM

Last week Barstool Sports wrote a tongue in cheek article about the most popular football tailgate food state in each state. For Maine, they picked peas. Yup. Peas. I have no idea why. They didn’t even bother to write much for a funny caption for us, just that “Mainer’s love our peas.” Ummmmmmm. We can do better. Those of us who have resided north of the Piscataqua River Bridge for years know that the Top 10 Tailgate Food that can be found at any self respecting Maine party is as follows. Peas are not on the list. 10. SPAM: And this fall all of us who party it up prior to a game can enjoy the savory new Pumpkin Spiced Spam. This is real, and it’s available Sept 23. I know what I’m bringing t

Happy 65th B-Day to SI. This Mainer has more than 1700 editions, mostly signed!

My first issue of Sports Illustrated was delivered to my Nana Ping’s house in August of 1994. If you believe in destiny, and as a Boston fan the last 20 years I most certainly do, the first issue I received was the 40thanniversary issue which featured a replica of the very first magazine from August 16, 1954. Nana got me my first subscription from a Boy Scout magazine drive, and the rest you could say is history: 25 years later I read and write about sports. I have saved a lot of old issues of the magazine, all of the Boston covers (of which in the aforementioned 20 years there have been a plethora) and important events (the death of Mickey Mantle and the marathon bombing) and to those that

Watching Sox-Orioles is a special kind of Hell

I feel like I have passed on from this life and am now in a fiery afterlife being tortured for all of my earthly misdeeds. Apparently I was a real SOB while I was alive because my punishment is severe and causing me great misery. My Hades consists of the Sox being out of playoff contention. But that’s just the tip of my blazing torment. I find myself sentenced to watch them play the Orioles in meaningless marathon games for what feels like eternity. If I had to guess I would say the Sox play Baltimore 666 times per season. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. I’d rather have demons poke at my eyeballs with a lobster pick every day than have to sit through three plus hours of Sox-Orioles

The Final Out: 1992 World Series as told by Mike Timlin

Something I had always wondered about was the final out of the 1992 World Series. It’s a random thing to wonder, but I always have because it’s such a strange way for a deciding World Series game to end. With two outs in the bottom of the 11th inning, leading 4-3 with 2 outs and the tying run at third base (oddly enough represented by John Smoltz), Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston removed left handed starter Jimmy Key in favor of a 2nd year right hander by the name of Mike Timlin. With the count 0-1, Otis Nixon tries a bunt, Timlin fields it, throws to Joe Carter at first base and the Toronto Blue Jays won their first of back to back World Series. What I’ve always wondered was did Nixon catch t

The ones that got away

There's no doubt this century has been the best time to be a Boston professional sports fan. If a season doesn't end without a Duck Boat parade, we're a little shocked. That's because we've only had 12 of them between the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins since February of 2002. The Pats are favored to make it 13 come next winter. But of course, during any reign of greatness, you have the occasional "what if." And all four of our professional sports teams have had them. So let's take a look at the four best Patriots, Celtics, Sox and Bruins teams to NOT win it all. 1976 PATRIOTS OK, I know what you're thinking: What about that 2007 team that was undefeated until a little luck went the Ne

An old phrase for this year's Red Sox team

“That really gets my goat!” Odd expression, isn’t it? According to my friend Mr. Google, this phrase has its roots in horse racing. Tradition has it that when a goat is placed in a horse stall before a race, it helps calm, or settle the horse down. Remove the goat? The horse gets feisty. How about “Be sure to go the whole nine yards!” I heard a mother implore her 8 year old daughter at a local rec meet with these words at a track meet recently. Sure, we folks gathered around her knew what she was getting at, but why 9 yards? Why not 10? Or 100? Or 1? This phrase originated during World War II, when pilots were provided with 9 yards of ammunition and instructed to use the whole 9 yards. In ot

Time to take the Brian Hoyer Exam

Forget the Meyers-Briggs test or any of those phony personality exams you might take for free on line or in a magazine. I have the the ultimate and definitive test to reveal your personality, psychological makeup and true character. It's the Hoyer Exam and it addresses perhaps the greatest mental quandary of all time: Would you be happy to be Patriots backup Quarterback Brian Hoyer? Your answer will reveal everything needed to know about you to potential employers, mates, friends and family. This is better than any background check. Consider and weigh the following facts carefully then reveal your answer below or at least honestly to yourself. On one hand Brian Hoyer is a professional QB in

The Patriot Way to the Hall of Fame

Saturday night was the dawning of a harvest that was planted roughly 25 years ago. Ty Law was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. There were dozens of Patriots, past and present in attendance to see a pivotal piece of the first wave of the Patriots dynasty get his gold jacket. Much like the uncharted territory of a dynasty that has filled out two decades, we are constantly reaping the unknown benefits and Canton is the dawning of whole new level. The question becomes, how many more times are we going to see a night like this? Rodney Harrison said this past week, as he dawned the red jacket that signified his induction into the Patriots Hall of Fame, that there was a

So You've done 2000 shows. Who gives a flying fork.

Sports are all about stats. The longer you play, the bigger the numbers. For instance nobody has played more MLB games than Pete Rose. The all time hits leader played in 3562 games while Sox legend Captain Carl Yastrzemski is right behind him at 3308. Another Boston legend, the Chief Robert Parish, played in a record 1611 NBA games while Morten Anderson kicked in 382 NFL games. Gordie Howe laced up his skates in 1676 hockey games, the most of all time. Local media guy Rich Kimball is celebrating his 2000th Downtown radio show this week. Yup, he still has a show. Seems this example begs a comparable philosophical question to the tree falling in the woods without anyone around: If you broadcas

UMaine Athletic Department seems to be ignoring Men's hockey. WTH?!

Last week, Larry Mahoney published a well-written piece in the BDN that a new turf surface for Alfond Stadium is a top priority for the University of Maine's athletic department. Athletic administrator Ken Ralph noted in the story that the University's softball, track and field and field hockey facilities needed upgrades as well. That's all good and all, but what about UMaine's dilapidated hockey arena? Yes, I'm talking about Alfond Arena, which is celebrating its 42nd birthday this upcoming season. Why is Ken Ralph ignoring it? There are a lot of great things about the Alfond: The history, the balcony, the fact that the fans are right on top of the ice. But it's time to be realistic. This i

Brady signs new extension. Thoughts and head shaking stats here

On Sunday, news broke that Tom Brady and the Patriots have reached an agreement on a two year contract extension that will give the GOAT $8 million more this season and make him a Patriot through 2021. Quite the birthday present for a 42-year old quarterback, one that no other quadragenarian has ever received. When George Blanda turned 40 the Raiders made him a kicker, they weren’t trying to give him a 50% pay raise. 3 more years of Tom Brady and presumably 3 more years of Bill Belichick. When this deal is done, Brady will be 44 and will turn 45 before the 2022 season. Belichick turned 67 this past April and will turn 70 just a few months after Brady’s extension is over. Coach Belichick said

Dale Duff benched at 92.9FM. Wayne Harvey in the game as new morning show host

For the most part since 1993, sports fans across our region have been able to count on hearing Dale Duff’s voice coming out of their radio speakers each and every weekday morning. But apparently no longer. “The Duffer” was the Program Director and morning show host at WZON AM 620-The Sports Zone from August 1993 to June 2012. He had been the host of the Morning Pitch on 92.9FM, The Ticket since January 2013. But according to Wayne Harvey’s Facebook page, Wayne is in and the Duff era is over. “After talking it over with my wife I decided to become the new host of the morning sports talk radio show on 92.9 The Ticket. The show debuts Thursday August 15th 6am - 8am, and the promoted start date

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