Cookout With Curt Schilling Moved to October 5th

Due to catastrophic water damage to the inside of the Anah Shrine building in Bangor, we must postpone the Cookout with Curt Schilling scheduled for this Saturday, July 27. The new date will be October 5, 2019 at 4:30pm at the Shrine Building in Bangor. All tickets issued can be used for the new date. No exchanges necessary. Refunds will be issued through Eventbrite upon request. “I have been in touch with Curt and he remains eager to come to Bangor to meet all the awesome Red Sox fans up here.” says Jeff Solari of the Sports Chowdah and President of Rock Lobster Media LLC. “Thanks to everyone involved with this event for being so understanding and accommodating to this last minute change, a

Mansfield Stadium Is A True Maine Gem

Seems as though I’ve become quite the Maine cheerleader. No, you won’t find me prancing around the sidelines at Black Bear football games this autumn. I’m talking about the state itself, and all it has to offer. Perhaps this comes with age, you think? As young whipper-snappers, we’re too busy with all the “stuff” we’re doing to fully appreciate what we have in our own back yard. Case in point: the kid I spied on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia last week. The top of Cadillac was jammin’ with people from all over the country (license plates served as evidence.) Most of these people were in awe as they stepped-out of the cars and were hit with cool Maine breezes and the truly inspiring view

The Hall of Fame is a Sham Without Pete Rose!

This could be an annual column. Copy. Paste. Same message. It's Hall of Fame weekend, and it's a sham. It's not a true hall of fame without the greatest hitter of all time enshrined there. Pete Rose should be in the hall. End ion debate. This alleged hallowed ground is merely a shell of what it should be without Rose having a huge bronze bust prominently displayed. Major League Baseball is now on Commissioner #3 since A. Bartlett Giamatti unfairly imposed a lifetime ban on Pete in 1988 for making a few bets that his team would win a game. Pete never bet against his team, only that they would win. Pretty lame to suggest anything fishy was going on with those bets. Fay Vincent, Bud Selig and n

Let's Look Back Before the Sock Was Bloodied

We tend to remember athletes from one thing and when a player joins your favorite team, that one thing almost always transpires during that tenure. Case in point: Bill Buckner had almost 3,000 hits in the NL before coming to the Red Sox, but we unfortunately focus on the game 6 error. Randy Moss in Minnesota was better than the Moss that played in Foxboro but 23 TOUCHDOWNS in 2007! And because who cares what happened in Minnesota? The same is true for Curt Schilling. The “Bloody Sock”, coming back from 3-0 to the Yankees and reversing the curse are all things I wouldn’t trade for anything. (Reminder, Schilling was the number two starter on the 2007 World Series team too. I feel like that get

2004 Red Sox Still Bring a Tear to My Eye

I’ve met some members of the amazing 2004 Red Sox team. Johnny Damon. Pedro Martinez. And this week I’ll get to hang out with Mr. “Bloody Sock” himself Curt Schilling. He’ll be in Bangor Saturday meeting and greeting fans. He played a big role in winning that 2004 trophy. 21 wins. Finished second in the Cy Young voting. Big performances in the ALCS and World Series. I cant wait to hear him talk about that entire season. The drama of when he showed up and took the top spot in the rotation from Pedro. Playing for his bud Terry francona. The Nomar trade. Manny being Manny. I want to hear the behind the scenes stories of the Idiots. The lock room hi jinx. Damons naked pull ups and players sneaki

A Local Sport Crisis

An Open letter to Sports Administrators, Coaches and Parents After officiating thousands of youth, high school and college soccer, hockey and lacrosse games for over two decades, I am writing with a warning of impending failure and collapse of our current interscholastic sports model. We are at a tipping point, as our senior officials are rapidly aging out in many of these popular sports. Our current efforts to recruit new officials have failed to keep up with the number of retiring senior officials for a number of reasons. Here are the facts: 1. Senior officials are rapidly aging out. 2. Recruitment and retention of new officials is not at pace with retiring officials. 3. Fewer officials me

Head FAKE News

One Liners About Headliners (This is a new weekly feature in the Chowdah. Think Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, only funny.) The Houston Rockets traded for Russell Westbrook this past week. Houston sent Chris Paul to Oklahoma City, which in today’s NBA is the equivalent of being pushed out on a raft and set on fire. Toronto’s Vladimir Guerrero Jr. hit 91 home runs in last week’s Home Run Derby but thankfully he didn’t win because the last time Toronto won anything, Major League Baseball canceled the next World Series in protest. Seriously though, even in defeat Vladdy stole the show in Cleveland. So much so that after being spurned by Kawhi Leonard, Lebron James offered Vlad Jr a max-d

Summer is Great But I'm Bringing The Heat For Real!

The dogs days of summer are here. Heat. Humidity. Great for boating but not so much for sports topics. It’s pretty quiet right now, so that gives me plenty of time to think of random topics on which to pontificate here in the Sports Chowdah. Some are sports related but many are not. Mens tennis is largely a forgotten sport in this country. It's been dog years since there has been an American male tennis player we give a lob about. But I will say the final between Federer and Djokovic was epic! The match lasted five hours. Just imagine the physical and mental toll that kind of match takes on a person. Amazing! The Cars are the most over rated band in American history. There are no fewer than

Curt Schilling is coming to Bangor. He should be going to the Hall of Fame.

Curt Schilling belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Full disclosure: he’s the guest of honor at my Cookout With Curt event July 27 in Bangor, so I might have a not so hidden agenda. But I have made this argument before, and I’m about to convince you here and now, that Big Schill is a Hall of Famer. The cranky old writers who vote for the Baseball Hall of Fame are tough to impress. And they can hold a grudge if you weren’t sweet to them when you played. The Hall of Fame system needs an overhaul. Red Sox radio play by play guy Joe Castiglione always explains how egregious it is that he sees 162 or more games in person, start to finish, every season and he doesn’t get a vote for the Hall of Fa

What The Patriots May or May Not Have Done on the 4th Of July

There is a long held belief that July 4th is the mid-point of summer, although if you have live in Maine this year, you know summer started about a week ago. The 2019 Red Sox season feels incredibly limited in what can be accomplished: a wild card game and probably an ALDS exit. With training camp less than 3 weeks away, I got to wondering this holiday weekend; what are the Patriots up to? Bill Belichick strikes me as a guy who does Independence Day right! He’s a boat guy, I bet Bill took the “VIII Rings”, picked up Linda Holiday and went cruising around Nantucket or the Cape, maybe Martha’s Vineyard. Probably not Martha’s Vineyard, too cliché for Ol’ Bill. They probably had surf and turf at

Doc River Just Helped the C's Get a Little Closer to a Title

Doc Rivers hasn't coached the Boston Celtics in nearly six years, but fans of the Green owe a tiny bit of gratitude to the coach who brought Banner 17 to Causeway Street a decade ago. Yes, I'm talking about Kawhi Leonard signing with Doc's L.A. Clippers, and taking Oklahoma City's Paul George with him. Leonard, who brought an NBA title to Canada with the Toronto Raptors last season, took his time in free agency before opting to head to the West Coast, essentially throwing the reigning champs into reloading mode and making the Clips an instant title favorite. Sorry LeBron, you can't get your way all the time. I know a lot of Celtics fans were nervous that Leonard was going to play for that ot

The Women Own USA Soccer

Sunday morning, I watched a soccer game. This is not something I do regularly. In fact, I can tell you precisely the last time that I watched a soccer game; it was four years ago when the USA women were playing in the World Cup Final. In between, I’ve watched zero soccer and openly mock the sport to any who try to endorse the game. Oh, soccer defenders, they’re a lovely bunch aren’t they? The supporters who have waved the banner for the sport behind their slogan “It’s the most popular sport in the REST of the world!” As if that’s a reason to enjoy something; why copy the rest of the world in athletics where soccer is their number one sport and its merely our 5th or 6th (depending on your fee

20 Years Since the Amazing 1999 All Star Game at Fenway Park

I bet you remember exactly where you were when the Sox finished off St. Louis in 2004, when you leaned about “The Tuck Rule”, or when Bird stole the ball versus the Pistons in 1987. Generally I think most All Star game memories fade like the smoke from your fourth of July fireworks. But not memories of the 1999 MLB All Star game at Fenway park. I don’t know about you, but I can remember much of that night like it was last week. I was at a friends house in New Hampshire. I had my car packed to the roof and was beginning my move south to work at the NBC affiliate in Mobile, Alabama. I obviously was really pushing myself as I made it all the way from Bangor to the Granite State in travel day #1

The Sox, Kyrie, Pats and driving permits make me stop and ponder

Are you a “stop and smell the roses” kind of human? I like to think I am, yet I’m not sure I can provide much evidence of that. Like you, I’ve got a lot of “stuff” going on that fills each day to the brim. Sometimes we need a potent reminder regarding the value of hopping off the merry-go-round-of life in order to sniff a rose or two; my reminder came this week. Our eldest grandson has his driver’s permit, so he is looking to accumulate some hours behind the wheel with anyone who will take him out amidst the highways and byways of eastern Maine. Being a nervy kind of guy, I offered to hit the road with him as we were discussing the latest Sox swoon. Minutes later, we were easing my beat-up t

Getting a few things on my mind off my chest.

- The NHL draft has come and gone, and not surprisingly, no current or incoming University of Maine players were selected. Hockey East rival Boston University had eight players selected, the most of any NCAA institution. It's a sad sign of the times when a once-proud program like UMaine gets shut out in the draft and fledgling programs like Arizona State and Penn State each have players chosen. Shawn Walsh is likely rolling over in his grave. - Anyone else find it crazy that four local Class D high schools - Central Aroostook, Searsport, Greenville and Penobscot Valley - had to travel to St. Joseph's College in Standish for recent state baseball and softball championship games? All these sch

Fourth and Goal with the Bam!

Although it's a year away, the nonsense that is the Summer Olympics is making headlines already. The cerebral genius that makes up the Olympic Committee has decided that Breakdancing should be allowed as an event in the summer Olympics. Read that last line slowly, and out loud. Breakdancing will be allowed as an event in the summer Olympics. The same Olympics that don't think baseball, despite it being one of the most popular international sports ever, isn't worthy of Olympic status. You can't be born with this level of stupid decision making. You really have to work at it. So, if the summer games weren't bad enough already, and they are really bad, now we are poised to have Breakdancing. So

Bloody Hell: Baseball in London

In the American Revolution, the “Yanks” rose up against the tyranny of the “Red Coats” and leapt out on their own, forging their own horizon, creating the amber waves of grain and purple mountains majesty that we know and love today. Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning was a historical reenactment, in this case the Yankees mercilessly pummeled the Red Sox pitching staff to grab an almost insurmountable stranglehold on the American League East. (And all the amber waves of whatever.) These were the first major league games played in “Jolly Olde England” and I hope, at least as far as the “Olde Towne Teame” is concerned, the last. I understand the idea of trying to grow your game, the crowds

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