3 and out from Kyle Van Noy's night in Brewer

New England Patriot Linebacker Kyle Van Noy made the trek to Brewer on Tuesday night. 92.9FM, The Ticket produced the event at Jeff's Catering. Here are the high points from the 90 minute event. When asked what his career highlight is in the NFL, KVN said it was the sack on Goff in this year’s Super Bowl. Which led to lots of cheers from the crowd. Van Noy followed up with: “I was trying to kill him.” Which drew laughs from the crowd. “You laugh, but I’m serious.” This might have been the funniest moment of the night. Kyle Van Noy has a big booming laugh that amplifies and punctuates his jokes, but when he said he was serious, the smile vanished and the room absent of his laughter fell deadl

The Celtics rocked the 2019 NBA Draft

To put it lightly, the Boston Celtics franchise has had a rough start to the summer. In short, the Celtics' two best players are likely to leave. But Thursday's draft could be a turning point for the Celtics' offseason. Danny Ainge was absolute nails. Ainge got exactly what he wanted; more cap space and two first-rounders rather than three, all while recouping a second-round pick in the same draft and a first-round pick in 2020 or 2021. Brilliance. So, what about the actual players they selected? 14. Boston Celtics (via SAC) - Romeo Langford, G/W, Indiana (19) 14 might be seen as a "reach" for Langford, but he wouldn't have been there at 20, and you can't fault a team for going after a playe

The Greatest Run of Sports Movies, EVER!

You never know that you’re living in the golden age of anything while you’re busy living in it. Case in point: I didn’t realize that I was living in the golden age of sports movies for kids (SMFK) when I myself was a kid. I am a 90’s kid, born in the 80’s but the decade that shaped my view on sports and popular culture was unquestionably the 1990’s. Prime Country is the greatest station on satellite radio. I miss when Sports Center showed highlights and every anchor had a million catchphrases. I liked playoff baseball games on NBC right after school with announce teams like Bob Costas, Bob Uecker and Joe Morgan. And perhaps most of all, I liked an era when an inordinate amount of movies were

Solari calls out the nastiest fans in sports

Remember how Seinfeld addressed the wicked gross issue of bad bathroom etiquette? It's time to continue that quest. I’m about to tilt at windmills. Or specifically urinals. It’s time to flush out the violators: men who don’t wash their hands after using the restroom. I was at a local establishment watching Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final recently. Between periods I used the facilities and watched a Bruins fan walk right out of the stall and out the door. He had on a Marchand jersey. I find it ironic that his favorite player licks the sweaty faces of other players, but I bet even Brad would gag if he had to shake your hand after you touched your hockey stick and didn’t wash up. Friday night I

Some Mind Blowing Sox Stats as We Try To Solve The Mystery Of This Team

Our World Champion Boston Red Sox have knocked out 79 games as of Sunday. I know 81 is the official half way point of the season, but I think we’ve seen enough to pass some along some midterm judgement. The Sox are a fairly uninspiring 42-37. They are five games over .500 thanks largely to last week, where they won 8 out of 10. They actually have a pretty decent record after that awful April. The Red Sox PR Department sent out this tweet a couple of days ago: Since Apr. 29, the Sox have gone 31-19 while leading the AL in runs per game (6.0) and AVG (.278). Love the spin. And yet here we are, eight games behind the Yankees in the AL East. Boston would not be in the playoffs if the postseason

Introducing the new Moosehead Athletic Conference in Maine High School Sports

Portland is not in northern Maine. But the Portland Bulldogs are when it comes to high school football. Searsport and Greenville are not in southern Maine. You know that. But the Maine Principles Association does not agree. At least when it comes to baseball and softball. The current Regional classifications make us all look geographically challenged. It just sounds silly to give a Northern Maine ti tle to a school located a short drive from the New Hampshire border. We need to do better. For years we used to classify high school sports in this state as either playing in the East or West. A few years ago the Maine Principles Association decided to really embrace the two Maines concept and c

Two Former Bruins Coming to Bangor

What a season it was for the Boston Bruins. And now fans can meet and greet two former Bruins in Bangor. The Maine JR Black Bears, in conjunction with the Bruins Alumni and the Sports Chowdah, are happy to host Andrew Raycroft and Al IaFrate as part of the annual golf tournament and dinner fundraiser for the program. The golf tournament tees off at 11am at Bangor Municipal Golf Course August 2 with dinner to follow at Hollywood Casino at 5pm. Fans will enjoy a meet and greet with Raycroft and Iafrate as well as golf, dinner, a live auction filled with sports memorial and more. Andrew Raycroft was originally drafted by the Boston Bruins in 1998. His best year for the B’s was 2003-2004 when he

2019 Celtics First Round Mock Draft

First off, there is almost a 0% chance that the Celtics make all three of their first-round draft picks Thursday night. But, to make it easier on myself, I’m going to pretend that Trader Danny stands pat and for some reason brings three first round rookies to the team. 14. Boston Celtics (from SAC) - Kevin Porter Jr., G/W, USC Kevin Porter Jr. starred in his workout with the Celtics early this month, showcasing his ability to hit jumpers from all over the floor via the catch-and-shoot and pull-up, while dispelling the questions about his motor and work ethic. Teams have an understandable concern, because Porter Jr. was suspended midseason at USC for "personal conduct issues." I tend to chalk

Are The Red Sox Back? Nope.

A win is a win. The Red Sox have won five games in a row. I’ll take it! But….. forgive me if I don’t dance naked in the streets. Actually you should thank me for not doing that I suppose. At some point Id like to see this team look like last years squad and beat a viable Major League opponent several times in a series. The latest streak came by winning two in a row at home against the average Texas Rangers and three in a road at Baltimore against the worst team in the sport. That shows us nothing. Before beating up on the barely Triple A O’s, the Sox lost 3 out of 4 at home to the Rays. Who are good. Sox fans had hope going into that series as the home town team had racked up four wins in a

Fourth and Goal With The Bam

The Women's World Cup is in full swing and it's getting a lot of press for the wrong reason. The USA team whipped Thailand like a rented mule last week 13-Nill (that's 13-0 for you non soccer heads). The uproar was swift as our Charmin soft younger generation was mortally offended that the USA team had the unmitigated gall to actually celebrate when they scored goal after goal, as if somehow it was their fault that the Thailand goalie was a sieve. I drain pasta and my colander stops water more effectively than this girl stops shots. This faux controversy even brought the human train wreck that is Hope Solo out of the shadows. The former Team USA soccer star apparently had time to take off fr

The Empire Strikes Back (And they are already in first place)

It felt strangely appropriate that on the eve of Father’s day, the team that Pedro Martinez once referred to as his daddy, turned back the clock and made a shockingly Steinbrenner-eque trade. On the weekend that the first place Yankees two biggest “Bombers”, Stanton and Judge, started their rehab assignments, the team traded a 10-cent rookie ball pitcher to the Seattle Mariners for the American League’s leading home run hitter (and notorious Red Sox killer) Edwin Encarnacion. With this move, the Yankees are really the Yankees again. A throwback to the days of The Boss, when a first place Yankee team was also rumored to be front runners for every possible deadline deal. The Yankees this year

Come to our Cookout With Curt Presented by Dirigo Pines

I'm not sure I can think of any scenario more enjoyable than making 55,000 people from New York shut up.” That famous line was spoken by Curt Schilling heading into the American League Championship Series in 2004. 15 years after helping the Sox complete the greatest comeback in MLB history, Yankee fans remain speechless while Sox fans can’t stop talking about it. The amazing season of the 2004 Red Sox will be the main topic of conversation Saturday July 27 when the Sports Chowdah presents a Cookout With Curt at Bangor Municipal Golf Course. Guests will enjoy all you can eat ballpark food as well as a meet and greet, photos, autographs and countless behind the scenes stories as only Curt can

Time for the Sox to  Get Rid of Some Old Junk

Never mind that the Red Sox season seems to be sinking faster than the Titanic. Forget that their bullpen is middle school level quality. Disregard the guys at the bottom of the order hitting around or under the Mendoza line. Here’s an even bigger issue to ponder: Why does it seem like Sox management could star in a TV show about hoarding? Why do they hang on to broken down old antiques that have no value, other than sentimental? Sentimental doesn't win you squat by the way. I am of course talking about Dustin Pedroia. Talk about a guy, and an organization, who just doesn't know when to cut bait. The odds of Pedroia playing another game for the Sox are essentially a million to one. Zero chan

G n R has the TB 12 of Rock Songs

When you think of rock music across any era, and you imagine the epitome of what rock can be, what is the first song you think of? The measuring stick against which all others are measured. Until now, the arguments about the best song are about as clear and concise as are the roles within the Red Sox bullpen. Top 10, top 25, top 100 or in Rolling Stone magazine’s case top 500, the experts can’t even agree on how big the list should be, let along who is included. I didn’t realize how murky these waters were until I dove in and thank goodness I have, because I will clean this up faster than the EPA. The best, the G.O.A.T, the Tom Brady of rock tunes is: Paradise City by Guns N Roses. Here’s th

Today's MLB players just can't hit

Ted Williams famously said that hitting a baseball is the most difficult thing to do in sports. He was right then. And boy is he still correct NOW! If the greatest hitter that ever lived was alive today, his head would melt like that Nazi guy at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark if he were forced to watch todays players flail away at the plate as they meekly try to make contact, only occasionally putting a ball in play. Meanwhile base hits are becoming as rare as a positive Twitter post. Todays MLB stars can’t hit. Or choose not to try to attempt anything other than to hit home runs. Sure, chicks did the long ball, but surely they hate strikeouts and crappy batting averages, right? In 2000,

The Red Sox are "Soxy." And that's not a good thing

Did you see the Sox-Yankees game Sunday night? That was just so “Soxy." This is what they are known for this season. They win a big game to lull us into a false sense of security thus leading us to believe impending doom is not lurking. Boston beat the Yankees. For the first time this season. It puts their record at 3-9 versus the Astros and Yanks. All three wins came at the last minute to wrap up a series. “Soxy.” The team plays like dog poop. They lose a couple of games then win the last one in the series, often heading into an off day. This leads fans to think they still have some fight and character left in them. Us media people try to put lipstick on the the pig and say things like “the

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