Frustration of grubs, skunks and the Celtics

As we slide toward the merry month of June, I find myself in despair as a landscaper. No, I am certainly not a pro landscape artist with elaborate lawn maintenance tools at my disposal, but I do enjoy maintaining a green, trimmed-up stretch of grass at the McKay abode. Some of my family members believe me to be a lawn fanatic, but I disagree. Lawn fanatics insist on removing every weed, dandelion, and every misshaped blade of grass. That’s not my deal. I have no problem with weeds, as long as I keep them short. But this year I’ve got a big problem: grubs. In past summers I’ve taken my hat off to mourn my neighbor’s yards as they’ve suffered under the pestilence of these worm-like creatures.

Black Bear hockey team loses another important player

The sinking ship that is the University of Maine hockey program continues to take on water, as yet another young, talented Black Bear has boarded a lifeboat and is rowing away from Orono. Sophomore defenseman Alexis Binner, who had two goals and nine assists last winter, is heading back to his native Sweeden and the lure of professional hockey. He joins fellow blueliner Brady Keeper and center Chase Pearson in those who have left UMaine early to turn pro. Keeper, Binner's classmate, left Orono to sign with the Florida Panthers while Pearson, a junior, bypassed his senior year to sign with the Detroit Red Wings. While talented players leaving early should come as no surprise to college sports

Edelman extension extends the Pats dynasty

Last week Julian Edelman agreed to a 2-year extension that will make him a Patriot through 2021. Jules will turn 36 shortly after his current deal is up, so ostensibly, this extension makes him a Patriot for the rest of his career. For the rest of his life really. If you think that’s a leap, you just wait. So much has been made of GM Bill’s reputation for parting ways with stars a year early rather than the alternative, that anytime a star takes the road seemingly less traveled and stays, it’s a little bit alarming. (That road is almost definitely Route 1, that’s the only way in or out of Foxborough but we’ll stick with the more “Frost-ian” narrative and just say “road”.) I am on record as s

It's been a long time since a Canadian team hoisted the Cup

1993. Bill Clintons first full year in office. Drew Bledsoe was drafted by the Pats #1 overall. You could grab a Sony Walkman for just $29.98. And the Montreal Canadians won the Stanley Cup. It’s hard to believe, but they were the last team from north of the border to do so. 26 years ago. More than a quarter century! Can you imagine if Canada took over the NFL and no American team had hoisted the Lombardi trophy since Jurassic Park was released? We’d lose our collective sports minds. Some Americans were traumatized when the Blue Jays won back to back World Series in 1992 and 1993. Perhaps this is America’s revenge. Canada took the trophy of our past time. Now you shall suffer for at least 26

A Sterling introduction

Since this is my first official column for the Chowdah, I might as well introduce myself and give you a hint of just what you’re dealing with. (A quick aside, I don’t use my name as a superlative often, even though it is, I figured I’d use it this way once just to get it out of the way). I was born December 6, 1985 (fun fact, I was born during the ’86 Celtics only home loss.) The following is what I believe as a sports fan, the basic fundamentals that are my make-up. Without further introduction, in the fashion of Crash Davis from Bull Durham, this is what I believe in. I believe in hunches. I believe that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. I believe in filling out one bracket each yea

Sterling Pingree Leaves The Drive and Joins The Chowdah!

At a major press conference attended by dozens of local media members and hundreds of adoring fans, Jeff Solari, President of Rock Lobster Media LLC, announced the free agent signing of Sterling Pingreeto the Sports Chowdah team. Pingree most recently was a member of The Drive radio show, airing on 92.9FM the Ticket. Sterling will contribute weekly blogs, videos and more to the Chowdah. He will also play a key role in organizing and producing future Sports Chowdah events, such as the Roger Clemens night this past March. “ I am wicked excited to have Sterling officially sign with the Sports Chowdah team,” says Solari. “ He is smarter than me. And taller than me. And is a good golfer. All attr

Defending UMaine baseball

The regular season for UMaine has wrapped up. Social media warriors and clueless online message board commenters have had plenty to say about this program. Many of these morons have never even see a game. Because other than some parents and a few hundred people, not enough people bother to go see the team play and they simply rely on the win-loss record to form their uninformed opinions. Even our own esteemed leader of the Chowdah, the Head Chef if you will, Jeff Solari wrote a blog regarding the past season lamenting their recent lack of sucess. Sure, the record isn't what we would like. Nobody is disputing that. But if you really dissect what is going on, you see that the program is better

You might be able to place sports bets in Maine by Labor Day

I’ve talked and written about this topic so much I bet you’re tired of hearing about it. It’s legal sports betting here in Maine. While I am still a bit ticked off it’s not here already, I’m wageringthat it will be coming. Very Soon. Maybe by Labor Day. State Representative Scott Strom from Pittsfield is on the committee taking a look at this issue. He tells me via e mail that they had multiple bills introduced, but have narrowed it down to one, which they are seriously considering. Mr. Strom says that committee seems to be onboard with allowing all gambling establishments in Maine the ability to offer sports gambling. We currently have a casino in Bangor and one in Oxford County. The only p

Bruins waiting to play in the "real" Finals

After steam rolling the Carolina Hurricanes 6-2 in game 2, the Bruins are two wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals. That 6-2 absurdity on Sunday afternoon showed the Carolina Hurricanes have zero business being here. In the first game, the Canes played with the Bruins, and actually had a lead entering the third period. But two penalties from old friend Dougie Hamilton helped the Bruins rack up a 4-goal third period. Dougie’s frustration and stupid mistakes show that Carolina is indeed young. Not to get too cocky, but this series is just a tune up to the real Finals for the Bruins. Carolina is not legit. They got by the hungover Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals, who didn’t really see

Thank you Moms of these amazing sports people

On this Mother’s Day weekend there are many people to be thankful for. First and foremost my mother, because if not for her, there would not be me. #Obviously Then there is my wife. Raising seven children is not easy. Heck, raising one child is not easy. Now, those are all well and good, but probably not why are you subscribe. So here are some sports world moms I’d like to thank... Galynn Brady: Thank you for your son Tom. His football ability is well documented, and all of the accolades that of come with that. But I’ve been able to get to know him a little bit over the last 18 years. He is a great role model, husband, father, and was raised right. Jan Stevens: Thank you for your son Brad. I

Wow! The Celtics just wasted seven months of our lives

Wow. What an absolute and complete waste of seven months this past NBA season was for fans of the fraudulent Boston Celtics. Talk about a crash and burn. This was supposed to be the year! After two seasons of losing in the conference finals the C’s were healthy and ready to roll. “Trader” Danny built this team with an eye on the NBA Finals and perhaps hanging just the Celtics second banner since 1986. But the end result was nothing even close. From wire to wire, this season was an epic failure that didn’t come close to meeting anyones expectations. This team accomplished literally nothing. Except perhaps to help Kyrie Irving firm up his image as a soft, self absorbed, sissy. Let’s flash back

Dark days for UMaine baseball. Brighter days ahead?

Black Bear baseball is perhaps the most iconic program in Orono. UMaine has made 16 NCAA tourney appearances, been to 7 College World Series and has produced a fair share of pros. As a difficult 2019 season winds down, I wonder what can be done to help baseball regain some regional if not national significance? I mentioned the 7 CWS trips. But there have been none since Ronald Reagan was in office. As for the 16 NCAA tourney appearances, only four have occurred since 1993. The Black Bears have only played in an NCAA regional once in more than a decade. If you divide the seasons into five year windows, these recent five years have the lowest average win total since the mid 1970’s. Here’s the

All across this great country there is something that united us

This past Monday evening, my wife-the Fabulous Judester and I returned from a week exploring areas of Minnesota, South and North Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. We flew into Minneapolis a week ago Monday, rented a car and headed west. During our trip we saw the Badlands and Mount Rushmore (South Dakota), The Big Horn mountain range (Wyoming), Little Big Horn National Park (Montana), Roosevelt National Park (North Dakota), along with a bunch of buffalo, deer, steer, and prairie dogs (wicked cunnin’!) While on our road trip, we stopped into many small towns, some with populations less than 100. Many times we drove for two hours or more between these farming communities, with nothing but fields an

Boys of Summer:  Sea Dogs to Watch

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous. Dustin Pedroia aside, here are 3 Portland Sea Dogs worth making the trip to Hadlock to see in action. CJ Chatham 2016 2nd round pick of the Red Sox hit .314 last year between two classes of A-ball and has continued that through 24 games in 2019 with the Sea Dogs. Playing shortstop, the Florida Atlantic alum has hit for a team best .337 average. Power hasn’t matched up thus far since being drafted, but .337 in the Eastern League will get your attention. Another big bat might be getting more attention but Chatham is the one who h

Chowdah readers have some good takes

Last week The Bam put forth the theory that sports talk radio ratings are low in Bangor because local sports fans may not be smart enough to listen and have educated opinions. A response…. “No, Maine sports fans aren't dumb. THAT is actually the dumbest thing I've ever heard. The low ratings COULDN'T be simply that the TWO local sports shows we have just simply ARENT entertaining, could it? Please... There is ZERO debate, nuance or 2019-type talk going on at ANY level on either show. Are we really doing this? We're blaming the LISTENER…?" Bryan David agrees with Solari on the miserable state of UMaine Hockey: “Hey Jeff, You are SO right on ALL Accounts regarding Maine Hockey.... in fact it r

Alex Cora and Sox Players should be going to the White House

Alex Cora just announced he is not going to the White House this week. Mookie Betts will not attend either. Same for Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rafael Devers. They have the right not to go. That is not in question. But it still sits very wrong with me. Teams have been going to the White House for decades no matter which party is in office or who is the sitting President. This is simple to me. You’re an American. You’re invited to the White House for what you accomplished as a team on a field or court. You go. End of story. Because it’s about way more than politics. Since the current administration took office It has become very in vogue to skip the visits. Golden State. The Philadelphia Eagles.

The Sox stink like my kids hamster cages

Lets not put any fan boy, sugar coated, Fenway Faithful spin on this; April was the worst month we have seen from the Red Sox in a few years. At times this team was downright embarrassing. Dull media members who might hand out grades would have to give them a D- at best. But it’s over. Just like the weather, this team will get better. Actually like our April weather, they can't be much worse. The Red Sox have played 30 games through the end of April. They are a dismal 13-17 and sit in fourth place, seven games behind the feisty Tampa Rays. Without laying out all the stats, lets just say the numbers are not pretty. In batting average, home runs, and total bases the Sox are in the lower third

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