The Celtics Are Simply Not That Good (Yet)

I am stumped. The Celtics have more talent than any team not from Oakland, yet essentially a quarter of the way through the season, they sit at a disappointing 10-10, tied for 6th place in the East with….gasp… Charlotte. Celtics fans were expecting a shot at Zion, RJ Barrett, or Bol Bol with the Kings’ or Grizzlies’ draft picks this summer. But the Celtics currently have a worse record than both of those teams. This is not how it should be! The Celtics quest to string together a good 48-minute game continues. I’d take a decent 36-minute game at this point. The inconsistency among this squad is baffling. Against the Hawks on Friday, they exploded for a 45-point first quarter. I understand it’

Once a Black Bear, Always a Black Bear

There is a lot you can say about the Maine football team right now. There’s no point for me to write about the lengthy list of accomplishments from the season. Two of my favorite highlights are the return of the Brice-Cowell Musket to Orono and winning the outright CAA Championship. When you’re part of an athletic team at UMaine, you become part of the Black Bear family. The family bonds are strong. The players who came before had a hand in building the program, and they feel the pride and excitement when the team excels. I could not help but smile as I read tweets of former Black Bear football stars, who are all at different points in their life today. One thing that they all have in common

Today's NBA Just Might Be The Best Ever

At some point most of my guy friends, and I, stopped paying much attention to the NBA. Once Larry Bird hobbled off the court one last time with his bad back, the appeal of the NBA vanished. Admittedly for much of my adult life, the Green Team has not been very good. But the NBA was also largely unwatchable. The game focused on big guys, post play, missed free throws and low scoring. College basketball and the drama of March Madness won us over. But that was then. This is now. And I am back on the NBA bandwagon baby! Sure, the Celtics are picked to win the Eastern Conference. That helps. But it is more than home town loyalty. The NBA product is as good as, and perhaps more exciting than, when

Another Dismal Weekend for UMaine Hockey: Gendron On The Hot Seat?

Bad coaching. Bad playing. Bad everything. That Bill Belichick-esque statement sums up the University of Maine hockey team's home series against Quinnipiac, which ended in an inglorious sweep, in which the Bobcats outscored the Black Bears by an aggregate 9-2 (7-2, 2-0) The only silver lining about this series? It was not a Hockey East series. It's a small one. The sweep dropped Maine to a dismal 4-7-1. Expectations were high for this club in September, and not too many Black Bear supporters expected the team to have a 4-7-1 overall mark the weekend after Thanksgiving. Fans are starting to wonder: Is the hot seat starting to warm up for head coach Red Gendron? I've been a Gendron supporter s

Maine Fans: Stop The Excuses and Get In The Game

4th & Goal with The Bam Huge congrats to UMaine football! Undisputed Conference Champions! What a great victory! Much to the dismay of the cry babies at James Madison ( Seriously.. you embarrassed yourself.) Maine has the first round bye and a home game upcoming in the NCAA Football tournament. Fans you have no excuses. You have two weeks to prepare. I am looking for cheap airfare that won't result in a 2nd mortgage. If I can wing in from the Sooner State to watch y'all have no excuses! Get out to Orono and support this team. All they have done is win games at home this year and a vast majority of you missed it. Shame on you. The players and the coaches deserve better support from "fans". Ge


3 Things I’m Thankful For... Kyrie Irving. The Celtics have been underwhelming in the wake of their Willie Nelson-level high expectations. In the spirit of the season of giving thanks however, I’d like to appreciate what we have, the silver lining or in this case the delicious filling of a burnt pie crust. Kyrie has been spectacular to watch night to night. Rarely has there been an injury to a star Boston athlete where I felt robbed from getting to watch them compete at their highest level. Brady going out in the 2008 opener is the worst I’ve ever seen, but Kyrie going down last season took away our chance to see him in game 7 vs the Cavs this past spring which would have been tremendous. Ge

Black Bear Football: A Season for The Ages

We might have a new leader in the clubhouse for best sports story of the year in our state. The remarkable University of Maine Football season is the stuff of legend. It’s a season that local fans will talk about for years to come. And there could still be some playoff wins still to come. Lets recap: The Black Bears, coming off a disappointing four win campaign, were picked in the preseason poll to finish near the bottom of the conference. Whats more, Maine played only four home games all year, one of the only teams in the country to be so scarcely viewed by home fans. Yet they were a perfect 4-0 in those games. On the beautiful Maine night in August, the Black Bears dismantle rival UNH, a t

Gold Ball Breakdown For High School Football

And then there were eight. Eight football teams that is, playing for gold balls this weekend. I wrote a mid season and end of year football review. Now I give you the state championship report. So far, I’ve been good with picks. But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so let’s not be close. Let’s be right. Class A - Portland (9-1) vs. Thornton Academy (10-0), 11:00am, Saturday @ Fitzpatrick Stadium Yes folks, it’s north vs. south! Not really, but according to the MPA, that’s what it is. Right now, the score is 0-0. This will be the closest score in this game. The Golden Trojans are unstoppable, and even though they are playing on Portland’s home field, it’s going to be a long

A Weather Prediction Made Easier by The Black Bears and Alex Cora

December 13th. Yep, I think that’s right. Thursday, December 13this the day we folk in the Greater Bangor area will receive our first snowfall that will require grunting and groaning as we shovel off our driveways. It’s a gut kind of thing-I have no scientific evidence or nerdy computer models informing me of this December 13th guess work. Just a feeling in my increasingly chilly bones, that’s all. So we’ve got about a month to batten down the hatches, or more specifically, rake the yard, get the snow tires on, tune-up the snow blower, and make sure the whiffle ball bases in the back yard get stored in the basement. Along with these usual chores involving winter prep, there’s another task I

Love Him. Hate Him. Can't Wait To Meet Him.

There is not an athlete in my lifetime I have had a greater love/hate relationship with than Roger Clemens. As a kid I was glued to my AM radio that night in April 1986 when Clemens mowed down 20 Seattle Mariners. What a season that was! 24-4. Cy Young. World Series appearance. He struck out twenty Tigers for Boston ten years later. Rocket’s Sox career: 192 wins, an ERA just over 3.00 and three CY Youngs. How is his number not retired at Fenway? Back in the day my MDI baseball coach used to tell the Trojan pitchers Clemens had the perfect form. Model it he would instruct. I was sad when he left the Sox for Toronto. I was lucky enough to see him pitch at SkyDome for the Blue Jays. 41-13 in tw

Black Bears in the NHL

The NHL season is in full swing, so I thought that it would be good to check in and see how former Maine Black Bears are doing. There are six former Black Bears currently playing in the NHL. Jimmy Howard and Gustav Nyquist are with the Detroit Red Wings, Ben Bishop and Devin Shore are playing for the Dallas Stars, Ben Hutton is playing for the Vancouver Canucks, while Scott Darling is playing for the Carolina Hurricanes. The Detroit Red Wings have had a tough start to the season at 4-8-2. Howard has played well in goal and is 3-5-0 with a 3.06 goals against average and a .912 save percentage. Nyquist is second on the team in scoring with a goal and 11 assists for 12 points. Dallas is 8-5-0 o

Mixed Weekend For UMaine Hockey Team

Questionable Officiating and Questionable Coaching. The University of Maine hockey team's home series against UMass Lowell this weekend - which ended in a predictable split - featured a tale of two games. Friday's up-and-down affair, ending in a 4-3 Black Bears victory, gave fans their money's worth. Maine fell behind 2-0 in the second period before rattling off four second-period goals. It was the type of back-and-forth battle fans love to watch. Then, Saturday came. Your typical Hockey East penalty-fest, which ended in a 1-0 victory for the River Hawks. While Jeremy Swayman gave his team a fighting chance on a night where Lowell was the better squad, it was quite clear that the officials w

Biggest Statement Win in 5 Years

A definite or clear expression of something. That’s the definition of a statement. Want a real world example? When Maine football went down to Towson and beat them 35 to 28 during their homecoming. That's a statement win. It’s hard to quantify best and worst, and moments of feeling the highest and moments of feeling the lowest. However, that win is one of, if not the biggest for the program, since they won the CAA title at home in 2013. Personally I love it when the perpetual underdogs ( Black Bears) can look around at the rest of the league, raise both hands and make fists, then extend a finger of their choosing and let everyone else go birdwatching. With the win Maine has a share of first

Sorry. But I Still "Strongly Dislike" David Price.

I was just being politically correct in the headline. I really still "hate" David Price. I know. He won us Sox fans a World Series. He accounted for two of the four wins. He was good in relief. He could have been the Series MVP. I'm thankful. But I still can't stand the man. The guy is a jerk. A tool. A socially challenged egomaniac. I'm sure you have heard the "I hold all the cards now" comment referring to the media grilling him on his 0-9 post season mark as a starter before the above mentioned playoff success. This is Boston. Just like in Poker or Black Jack, you hold the cards for one hand only. Sure, you got the loudest cheers at the parade and at TD Gardenwhile holding the trophy at a

The Pats Biggest Game Remaining Is One In Which They Don't Even Play

When it comes to the Patriots, here’s what we know: The hard part of the schedule is long over. The team sits at 7-2 and clearly looks like the class of the conference. After six straight wins, the only game that ‘looks’ challenging the rest of the way is at Pittsburgh. But we know how those games usually go. Mike Tomlin and Big Ben find a way to have some type of breakdown when New England is the opponent. (PS, I know the Vikings are on the schedule but they’re coming to Foxboro so that makes a difference) The key game for the Patriots the rest of the way may be on November 19. Yes I know they don’t play that day, but Kansas City does. They play the Rams in Mexico and that battle of one los

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