Fix HS Football Playoffs, bring on Schilling and mixed Weekend for The Black Bears

Fourth And Goal With The Bam High school football playoffs are upon us and it highlights, negatively, the flawed process by which playoff teams are determined. There just aren't enough teams in Maine to keep rewarding teams that , quite frankly , aren't successful in a given year. Teams with 0, 1 and 2 wins shouldn't be playoff teams. A good start to resolving this is to eliminate the distinction between North and South within each class. Just have a statewide Class A-D. The most teams total in any class is 20. Take the top 8 from each and have 1 tournament. Winner take all. No regional championship, just 1 winner for each class. All teams should be required to play all their games against t

Bad Weekend For UMaine Hockey Team

Inexcusable. Pitiful. Embarrassing. Those are a few adjectives I'd select when describing the University of Maine hockey team's performance at UConn this weekend. While the Black Bears did escape with a 2-2 tie on Saturday after losing 5-2 Friday, they needed an extra-attacker goal to gain their first Hockey East point. In the beginning, it appeared the Black Bears would claw past the Huskies, as Tim Doherty scored just over a minute into Friday's contest, but it was all UConn after that. While I hate to get all Dan Shaughnessy/David Price on Red Gendron and Co., if you want to be a championship-caliber hockey team and compete with the likes of Providence - the Friars are clearly the class o

2018 Red Sox: Greatest New England Sports Season Evah?

I know. I know. I might be caught up in the moment. But let’s look at this a bit. The 2018 Red Sox won the most games in franchise history. And it's a loooong history. They started 17-2 and stayed in first place much of the season ultimately winning the division. In the playoffs, the Sox dismantled not one but two 100 plus win teams, beating some of the best pitchers in the game. Verlander. Kershaw. Severino. In a true fall classic between historic franchises and two of the oldest stadiums in the game, Boston routed the Dodgers 4-1. They have the league MVP. And could have had the Cy Young winner if Chris Sale had stayed healthy. And another World Series Title. It's a strong case for best se

March-October: Complete Domination for Red Sox Nation

Zero championships in 86 years. The definition of a drought. Four championships in 15 seasons. Talk about making it rain! 2004 was a miracle. 2007 was icing on the 04 cake. 2013 wasn’t supposed to happen. 2018 was utter domination of the sport. Folks in New York must be perpetually nauseous these days. Consider this: The Red Sox are 16-3 in World Series games since 2004. And they were unchallenged this year at 4-1. In fact they plowed through other playoff teams like Norm Peterson downs beers at Cheers. Cora's Crew went 7-2 vs. not one but two one hundred win teams in the American League. They outscored their postseason opponents 84-51. The Dodgers presented almost no opposition. Sox in 5. W

Red Sox Make An Error by Excluding Schilling

In a season where the Sox have not made many mistakes on the field, the front office made a huge one before Game 2 against the Dodgers. They screwed up big time when they honored the 2004 World Series team, but didn’t invite Curt Schilling. In baseball terms, that’s an error. Both the Sox and Schilling say that the former Sox star pitcher was not invited to throw out a first pitch before game 2. Sox brass say it was not “ out of spite” Wrong. WRONG! The left leaning ownership of the Sox wanted to distance themselves from the right wing rantings of Schilling. Ownership flew in others like Kevin Millar and Alan Embree, but didn’t let Curt make the short drive up the highway from his home to Fe

First Hand Memories of World Series Gone By

Well kids, as I predicted on these pages a few weeks ago, the Red Sox are headed to the World Series! (That’s a lie, I had Boston losing to Cleveland in the ALCS) I have been blessed over my 27+ year career in television to cover three World Series’. 2004, 2007, and 2013 (All Red Sox wins) There is no doubt, the World Series is special. In 2004, it transcended sports for obvious reasons, 86 years, the fact that Grady Little left Pedro in for too long in 2003, etc. Being on hand to watch the beating of the Yankees in the ALCS and in the process becoming the first team to ever come back from down 3-0, was nothing short of religious. Now here’s the thing about being in the media. You’re not ‘al

How to Spend 1.6 Billion Dollars from The Lottery?

I am quite excited. I'm going to win 1.6 billion dollars Tuesday night! Well, really only about 1 billion dollars after taxes. But I think I will still be able to feed my kids. And do some shopping. So, with a sports theme in mind, here's how I might spend some of my new wealth. First, I thought about buying the Pats. But someone once said buy low, sell high. That's what Robert Kraft would be doing to me. So, no deal Bobby. But what I will do is buy my own plane. Maybe one with 30 seats. I'll hire a couple of pilots so I can see my favorite teams play wherever and whenever I want. I can promise no more driving to Boston from Bangor. There is a new company that is partnering with networks to

UMaine Hockey Swept on Road

Playing the defending national champions in their building is an examination that trumps any biology or math test from a difficulty standpoint. While the UMaine hockey team didn't get out of Duluth, Minnesota, with an A-plus after getting swept by the reigning champion Bulldogs, 8-2 and 3-2, Red Gendron's Black Bears can certainly use this examination as a foundation for the rest of the season. For one, UMD is the best team in the country. I know Ohio State came into the weekend with the top ranking, but don't be surprised if the Bulldogs hold onto that spot for a while. Friday night, Maine didn't look like it belonged in the same arena with UMD, getting blown into International Falls. Satur

Reflections on Hair Loss and Red Sox Wins

I remember the exact moment I first spied the back of my noggin as it is presently constituted. Me ‘n the Mrs. were in one of the girly clothing stores at the Bangor Mall, and while my wife was trying-on some girly-type clothes, I happened to be standing by a security TV screen. In the middle of one of my yawns, I noticed a dude on the TV screen and remarked to myself: “Too bad-that dude has too much scalp showing on the back of his dome.” Then I moved my head a bit, and the dude on the TV screen moved his head at the EXACT SAME TIME. A bit of panic set-in as I moved my shiny sphere again, and wouldn’t you know it, the shiny sphere on the screen moved at the exact same time again. And then,

Fourth and Goal With The Bam!

From the "reap what you sow" department come the New York Giants. What a dumpster fire. The Giants were garbage last season and that resulted in a very high draft pick. With four standout QB's available in the draft it is an absolute mystery to me why the Giants decided to continue to ride the overrated Eli for eternity and not get a QB of the future. They actually need one NOW! The Giants brass seems to have missed the memo that the NFL is a QB driven league. Running backs, while nice, are vastly overrated. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys. They have a legitimate hall of fame candidate at running back and what has that gotten them in 3 seasons? Bubkus. Zip. Nada. The Giants thought drafting anot

What If Your Life Was Like That Of A Pro-Athlete?

Think about this: you are an aging teacher and you walk into school to teach one day and….. Richard: “You wanted to see me Mr. King.” Principal King: “Richard you’ve had a heck of a run here. But you're getting up there a little bit and you’re making a few mistakes these days. Like when you told the kids the Pilgrims came over in a Mayflower truck. So we are trading you to a Jr. high school for a young Phys Ed teacher and a lunch lady to be named later. Best of luck to ya.” Wouldn’t it be very strange to work somewhere one day and somewhere else the next? And you have no say in the decision. Could be a trade to a better school? Or one that is last in state testing every year. Either way you'

Patriots Report

Yup. A little tired this morning. Maybe a little black under my eyeballs. But that game was worth losing a few winks over. I hope you stayed up to see another great finish and a game winning drive by Tom Brady. You'll miss him when he's gone. It went about like I expected to be honest. A few more points on the board than I would have guessed (I thought maybe 38-35) but I pretty much thought whomever had the ball last would win. And you know if TB 12 gets the ball last, good things will happen. New England is one of five teams at 4-2. Four more are 3-3. The Chiefs are now 5-1. Only the Colts and Raiders are out of the AFC playoff race after week six. It seems like its going to be a tight race

UMaine Hockey Off To A Good Start

A subtle factor that separates great teams from good ones is taking care of business in your home building against subpar competition. That's what the University of Maine men's hockey team failed to do last year. So far so good this year, as Red Gendron's crew took care of St. Lawrence, 3-1 and 4-1 at Alfond Arena this weekend. With a two-game series at national champion Minnesota-Duluth looming next weekend, Maine needed to get these two wins. St. Lawrence is being pegged by many ECAC puck pundits to finish near the basement of that league. Things were sloppy at times - that's expected in a season-opening series, especially in terms of penalties - but Maine's best player, goaltender Jeremy

Patriots Report - From Waaaaay DOWNTOWN!

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous. Julian Edelman is back! God it’s been a while since Jules has been on the field, but he returned Thursday night against the Colts, here’s three takes from way downtown to commemorate the occasion. It’s been a long time since Julian Edelman has played a meaningful game, the last time he did that? Super Bowl 51! After blowing out his knee in last year’s pre-season and this year’s suspension, Edelman hasn’t played a meaningful snap since the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. That game was played on February 5, 2017. How lon

1999 National Champs! UMaine Hockey. Then. And Now.

Twenty years. In a way, it seems like just yesterday. In other ways, it seems a lot longer ago than that. Any Maine hockey fan knows that the Black Bears won their second national championship in 1999, which makes this the 20th anniversary of that great team. The expectations were high headed into that season with the likes of Steve Kariya, David Cullen, Bobby Stewart, Jason Vitorino, and Alife Michaud on the roster. The team finished with a record of 31-6-4. The Black Bears defeated Boston College 2-1 in overtime in the national semifinals. Maine then beat archrival New Hampshire 3-2 in Anaheim, Calif. two days later on an overtime goal by Marcus Gustafsson. I think that everyone kind of th

Black Bear Fans Should Be Excited

The Black Bears took small but worthy strides last season under head coach Red Gendron, finishing in a tie for fifth in Hockey East and hosting a first-round playoff series, dispatching hated New Hampshire in two games. There's no reason to believe the Bears can't climb even further this season. The league's coaches seem to believe so, as Maine was tabbed fifth in the league's preseason poll, behind Boston College, Providence, Boston University and Northeastern, the latter of whom lost quite a bit of talent. A hockey team is always built from the cage and up, and the Black Bears have a talented sophomore goaltender in Boston Bruins draft pick Jeremy Swayman, who had an outstanding freshman c

Red Sox Report

At least Yankees fans didn't entirely waste their hard earned money Monday night. After all they got to see history made and records broken. That doesn't happen every day. Sure, the Yanks were humbled on national TV to the tune of 16-1. But glass half full: no Yankee team had ever received that kind of post season beatdown before. EVER! And they have played in a lot of playoff games. Just ask any Yankee fan and they'll happily babble about the number 27 all day long. So select Big Apple people were lucky enough to stumble into their jobs today being able to brag about seeing the hometown team lose by 15 runs. Nobody else can do that! Not to mention their arch rival Red Sox had never scored t

Sox/Yanks. It's Meant to Be.

I remember that night very well. October 20th, 2004. It was a nice October evening in Bar Harbor. My girlfriend and I, both Yankees fans, were sitting upstairs at Rupinuni’s enjoying a couple libations and getting ready for Game 7 between the Red Sox and The Yankees. I was sipping on a Kevin "Millar Lite" and she was tossing back a "Pedro Martini". Both drinks on special and appropriately named after Red Sox players. We had just had a heart breaking three days in which the Sox fought off a 3-0 series deficit to force a decisive Game 7 in The Bronx. But this is what playoffs are all about and it was nice to see the Sox put up a bit of a fight. Half an hour later the Sox were up 6-0 after two

Boston Bruins Preview

Hungry Bruins Seek Continued Progress The opening week of the 2018-19 season is upon us! The Boston Bruins are part of the league’s opening night showcase as they start the season in Washington as the Capitals raise the team’s first Stanley Cup banner at Capital One Arena this Wednesday night. After a second-place finish in the Atlantic Division last year, the B’s won a playoff series for the first time in four years. Now with Bruce Cassidy at the helm for his second full season, the B's will look to make another step in the team’s quest to win its seventh Stanley Cup title. Up front, the Bruins will boast one of the most prolific scoring lines in the league with the trio of Brad Marchand, P

West Coast Sports Trip Proves It's Time To Torch Fenway

I have just returned from Seattle. Three years after the fact, my wife, aka Hellcat, and I managed to find the time and resources to go on our honeymoon. We are a sports loving family, so the theme of this trip was most decidedly sports first, other sightseeing later. We got off the plane, took a train to our hotel, checked in and then got right back on the train to the University of Washington for a major college football showdown between Washington and Arizona St. It was cool to see Herm Edwards pacing the sideline again. Husky Stadium at night is electric. A tremendous atmosphere. Although the Sun Devils "played to win the game" the home fans went home happy. Sunday brought a new " family

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