3 From Waaaaaay Downtown: Best and Worst Red Sox Player Nicknames

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous. On MLB Players Weekend, players get to wear custom gear and pimp out there bats. Unfortunately they also have to wear the geekiest uniforms since the Chicago White Sox wore shorts and collars back in the 1970’s. The one thing that could redeem these bowling shoe ugly jerseys is that players get to add a nickname to the back. Here are the 3 worst and 3 best nicknames the Red Sox featured this past weekend in Tampa. 3 Worst 3. Ian Kinsler- Nickname: Bootsie. Call me old fashioned but I don’t want my second basemen, or any of my i

Pats Lose Another Receiver as Eric Decker Retires

Reggie Wayne. Torrey Holt. Joey Galloway. All veteran receivers brought in to catch passes from the greatest quarterback whoever played. But after just weeks, they retire. And now Eric Decker joins the club. Decker announced on Sunday he was leaving football to spend more time with his wife and kids. He is 31 years old. "We have a graduate level offense" Tom Brady said Monday on WEEI in Boston referring to players not being able to catch on over the years. Decker had a rough training camp and his play was limited in the Pats three preseason games so far. Many of the members of the New England media who cover the Patriots didn't project him to make the team. So, retirement is the more gracefu

UMaine Should Move More Games To Portland

Ken Ralph has a great opportunity. Last week when Ralph was named the 7th Athletic Director at U-Maine since 2003, the usual accolades were thrown around. Good communicator. Good fund raiser. Understands the history and significance of the Black Bear programs. Here's hoping he understands something else. The opportunity to expand south. Now don't get all huffy with me yet. I'm well aware it's U-Maine Orono and what comes with that. I also have heard for each of the 27 years I have been working in Maine television, about all the 'challenges' that come with coaching, recruiting, leading, athletics at U-Maine. Soooooooo, why not shake it up and try something different? When the Black Bears come

How Can We Expand The High School Football Season in Maine?

I was just scrolling through my timeline on Facebook and a bunch of former Hermon classmates had posted photos from the high school football scrimmage between Hampden and the Hawks. While I thought about how much I wish my Hawks had football while I was roaming the halls, I was also shocked how late it was to be holding a scrimmage! In North Carolina where I work as a TV Sports Anchor now, the fall sports teams started practice one July 30, scrimmaged on Aug 10, and played their first games on Aug 17. I’ll be covering high school football for 17 weeks! That's a far cry to the 8 weeks of regular season and three weeks of playoffs when I was at WLBZ covering sports in eastern and northern Main

Now Is NOT The Time To Move More UMaine Games in Portland

I agree with Lee Goldberg that UMaine should have an increased presence in the southern part of our state. There are alumni there. Heck there are more people there overall. And much more sponsor money south of the capital. But in a five year strategic plan for Black Bear athletics, we are a few years away from the Portland phase. Step one is to reenergize the Black Bear faithful in the communities in the northern region of Maine. Black Bear sports make less of a blip on the radar today compared to decades past. There are many reasons for this. The Sox and Patriots are massively popular with the Celtics and Bruins also on the rise. Big time college football and basketball are attracting more

3 From Waaaaaay Downtown

The "Unamed Source" is famous in media circles these days. This one in particular works in local sports media, but for any number of reasons, wants to stay anonymous. We Need a Patriots TV Network Why is finding the television broadcast of Patriots preseason games so difficult? If you live in the Bangor area, it might be on your Fox affiliate or perhaps it is on ABC. I had a call from a friend on Thursday night from southern Maine asking me what channel the game was on and I really couldn’t tell them. I told him to check his Fox channel, if it wasn’t there, there ABC and if it wasn’t there then he better move. Much like Frank Costanza conceiving of Festivus, I realized there has to be a bett

Fenway Park Gives Sox Unfair Advantage So Let's Finally Implode It!

Fourth & Goal with THE BAM Fenway Park is a joke. It's long past time for someone to say it, so I just did. Sure, the Sox are a good team. That's not breaking news. They have been good for the better part of the last 20 years. In the last decade, Division titles, Wild Card appearances and a couple of last place finishes litter the landscape since 2007. One thing that doesn't litter the landscape is quality pitching. Half of the last decade, Boston has been at or below the middle of the league in ERA. Despite that, only twice in 10 years have the Sox been better on the road than at home. So no matter how average the pitching is, and average is being kind, they win games at home at an amazing

What's In A Name?

Can you figure out what someone is all about merely by their name? I wouldn’t shock your socks off if I told you Steve McKay isn’t my “real” name, right? I think lots of folks know the McKay part of my name is used only during my TV-radio hijinks. You see, it all started back in October of 1984. The king of Bangor radio-George Hale, summoned me from a radio station in Dover, NH for a job interview, asking if I would be interested in working on the sister station of WABI-AM, the station on which he ascended to his legend-like status. I would be hosting the morning show on what was then WBGW-FM, right across the hall from the living legend. After taking a millisecond to think about it, I blurt

Hey Bill! Sign Dez. Now.

Tom Brady needs just 3,841 more passing yards to become the fourth quarterback to throw for more then 70,000 career yards. But I am here to guarantee you that he won’t join that club this year. No way. No how. Not with the current putrid crop of “receivers” projected to be on the opening day roster. He needs help. He needs Dez Bryant. Before I sell you on the Cowboy castoff, let's examine the current “talent” with which Bill Belichick has assembled for the greatest Quarterback of all time. According to the reputable Phil Perry of NBC Sports Boston, Chris Hogan, Phillip Dorsett, Cordarrelle Patterson, Kenny Britt and Matthew Slater are projected to make up the receiving corps in the opener ve

I will Miss Dan Hannigan This Winter

I admit it. I’m a bit odd. For someone who loves sports as much as I do, I almost never watch games on television. I only get two or three channels on my tv and don’t subscribe to any online television services. I probably only turn my tv on once a month. I love listening to sports on the radio or online. I listen to every single Cubs game, and the Red Sox when the Cubs aren’t playing. During the winter, I fall asleep every night to a former Black Bear playing in the NHL. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without being able to listen to games. I was very disappointed when I heard recently that Dan Hannigan has stepped down as the voice of the University of Maine hockey team. A Maine hockey g

Another High School Sports Season Is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Fall sports practices begin on Monday for high school sports teams across the state. It may seem cruel for summer to be cut short by a few weeks for those who play sports in high school, but one of my best memories from high school (which was clearly a long time ago) was showing up on that first day, throwing on the purple and white of Deering High School and re-connecting with friends to see how there summers went. (Remember, this was before cell phones, the internet and Fortnite) Freshman are nervous but excited that they are out of middle school and ready to play in the ‘big leagues’. Sophomores are excited their freshman years are over and this i

What Happened to the Recreational Sports I Used To Play?

Us grownups often wonder why kids don’t play pick up games anymore in neighborhood yards or fields. “When I was a kid” is how we start sentences about how we played basketball every night all winter. We found ways to put together baseball or touch football games several times a week. Where I grew up kids of varying ages and skill levels would show up with a glove, or a ball and bat and we’d put them on a team. When we didn’t have a field we’d find a yard and use a tennis ball instead of a baseball so we could spare some window panes. Its what we did in small town Maine “back in the day.” This doesn’t seem to happen much with today’s youth. But I also wonder why us adults don’t play recreatio

A Little Love For David Price

It is extremely difficult for me to cheer for David Price. I don’t care for him very much. I don’t like his beard. I don’t like what he did to Eck. I don't like his sense of humor, or lack there of. I don’t like the way he doesn’t really pitch from the wind up. I don't like that he wears Dwight Evans' number 24. I don't like his voice. I don't like that he made about a million bucks to pitch one game last night. But I was literally cheering for the Red Sox ten years before Price was born. So for the good of the team I want him to pitch well. Something that he typically does not do against the New York Yankees, or on prime time TV, or in any big game for that matter. But I’m a big enough man

Not So Glory Days. But At Least I Didn't Have a Heart Attack

For years, I have broadcasted, refereed, and coached on a basketball floor. But for years, I hadn’t really played. Sure, I would go up and down the court a few times with my freshmen players, but not all out. This weekend was our annual Alumni Weekend at Foxcroft Academy. For the Alumni Basketball game, they needed one more player to be able to play five on five, so I decided to relive the glory days that never were. Let’s talk about the bad, or at least the not so good. I’m woefully out of shape. Yes, I hit the elliptical five times a week. I walk miles on the track, but that isn’t basketball shape. My lungs were on fire after three trips up the court, but as Coach Nelson would say, suck it

Time To Dissolve A Couple MLB Teams

Fourth And Goal With The Bam If ever there was an argument to be made for Major League baseball to get smaller, it's now. I thought it might be fun to spend the weekend in Arlington checking out some baseball as the Rangers hosted the Orioles. Being at the ballpark, enjoying some hot dogs and some cold beer was indeed fun. The baseball itself? Not so much. I wonder how often two major league teams feature starting lineups without a single batter hitting above .285 between both of them? Simply pathetic. The Orioles are historically bad, and this is a franchise that once started a season 0-21. That team went on to finish with 54 wins.This Orioles team won't sniff that. How Buck Showalter finds

Predicting The Weather is Much Easier Than Predicting The Red Sox

It’s been a rather sweaty summer, don’t you think? July featured an average temperature almost three degrees above normal. What’s made our summer season unusually sweaty has been the consistency of the humid air hanging around. If you’re looking to escape the heat, your best bet is to coast to the coast, where onshore breezes knock the temps down somewhat compared to inland Maine. Yep, there’s a distinct temperature difference going-on during these hot summer days between inland land-lubbers and lobster lovers along the ocean’s edge, which of course, makes weather prognosticating for we climate nerds challenging. For example, during winter a foot of snow falling in Greenville often falls as

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