University of Maine Family Comes Together In Wake Of Tragedy

It was a tragic week for the University of Maine community. Darius Minor was a young man with tremendous promise and potential. He was embarking on a new chapter of his life as an incoming freshmen, excited about the opportunities ahead as a Black Bear student athlete. He passed away last week during a workout session. It’s unthinkable, but it happened. Informing Darius’ mother, Charity, was a call Head Coach Joe Harasymiak, never thought he’d have to make and certainly a call that no mother ever wants to receive. There’s no playbook for navigating the waters following a tragedy such as this. But the University of Maine staff showed compassion and professionalism in the way they handled t

Jimmy G Will Take Niners To Playoffs? Not This Year.

Any New England Patriots fan will tell you that quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo did very serviceable things while in Foxboro. While Tom Brady was unjustly suspended to start the 2016 season, the now-San Francisco 49ers signal caller was outstanding in a game and a half before injuring his shoulder. In 2017, the free agent to be was traded to the Bay Area, a move some Pats fans were not happy with. Garoppolo was just as good with the 49ers, leading the team to five straight wins to end the season. One of my buddies is a 49ers fan, and bodly predicts a Super Bowl run in the Bay Area this season. Pump the brakes a bit. Does Jimmy G have some talent? Of course. Is five straight wins a great accompli

Dan Hannigan Will Be Missed

This winter, for the first time in more than two decades, there will be a new voice calling University of Maine hockey games on the radio. Dan Hannigan is pursuing a new career and the demands of a long hockey season just don't fit well for him any longer. Just like all but one of the people currently holding broadcasting jobs with the Black Bears, Dale Duff gave Dan the opportunity. And while some have forgotten their roots, not Dan. "Dale certainly rolled the dice on me given no prior hockey play by play... I'm very thankful he did!" Dan told me in an e mail note. Dan called the 1999 National Championship game and did play by play from a half dozen Frozen Fours. His skill, knowledge of the


OK. I know you're busy. So if you have not been paying attention, let me tell you the Red Sox are pretty freakin' good. No. Really freakin' good. They are on track for 113 or so wins this year. Yup. That would be the most ever. They have not won more than 100 games in a season since just after WW II. Red Sox through 101 games as of Sunday compared to the recent World Series winning years: 2018 - (70-31, .693) 2013 - (60-41, .594) 2007 - (61-40, 604) 2004 - (56-45, .554) And if you are paying attention right now, you are seeing one of the most dominate starting pitchers of the past several decades. Chris Sale is darn close to unhittable. Here are his stats for the last five starts: 5-0. 33.0

Think You Know How The Pats Will Fare This Season? I Don't Think So.

Here we go again. Defending AFC champs again. One of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl again. Tom Brady is back again. With everything seemingly the same as it was, why does nothing feel the same? Is it me? This has been the most uncomfortably awkward off-season in recent memory. As training camp is about to begin, the questions far outweigh the answers. There is absolutely no reason to believe that the relationship between the star quarterback and the star coach is good. Theres no reason to believe that the star tight end is 100% happy. We have no reason to believe they can just “figure out” a way to get through the first four games without Julian Edelman. Even though they did it last y

Abolish All Star Games. "The Open" Should Not Be A Major. And I Have Heat Stroke.

Fourth & Goal By The Bam Good grief am I glad this past week is now behind us! As a sports fan, it is the worst week of the year and second place is not even close. Even though the Major League Baseball All Star Game is the only one of the four major sports that has any competitive legitimacy to it, it's still a waste of time. I am more than happy to vote to abolish it and all other all star games effective immediately. Want to shorten the season so we aren't playing the World Series in nearly November? Start earlier, in warm weather locations, or domes and give back this drag of a week to actual, real baseball. In conjunction with the all star game, we ave basically a week without any reals

An Amazing Olympian Is Facing Her Biggest Competition

One Saturday late last March, I headed to Freeport for the day. Upon my arrival, I realized that L.L. Bean was hosting 2018 Olympic gold medalist Kikkan Randall. The epitome of strength and endurance, Randall recently competed in her fifth Olympic Winter Games. Randall led two Fast and Female Power Hours at the Freeport flagship store. She is one of the leaders of Fast and Female, a nonprofit organization with the goal of keeping teenage girls in sports. Following her Power Hour events, Randall signed autographs and posed for photos. I decided that I was too old for an autograph, but jumped in line for a photo of her with her gold medal. It is the closest that I’ll ever be to an Olympic gold

Lobster Bowl Week Is Still Wicked Special

This week may have turned into my favorite week of the year. I have the opportunity to document all the goings on during the 2018 Lobster Bowl Training Camps at Foxcroft Academy. 100 just graduated Maine high school seniors have the opportunity to put on the pads (some for a final time), and come together for a great week of football, with all the proceeds benefiting the 22 Shriner Hospitals across the country. It’s East vs. West in Saco, but in the end, everyone wins, and that’s not some stupid “everyone gets a trophy” phrase. This is the 29th game between the best of the East and the best of the West. What most people don’t realize is that these players are all responsible for raising mone

Back In My Day: Red Sox of 1978

As I continue to “mature” (a polite way of saying becoming more creaky) I find myself joining certain clubs, often without even realizing I’ve done so. One such club: the B.I.M.D. club. I realized I was a member of this club the other day, when one of our teenaged grandkids asked for a ride to a friend’s house, to which I responded (here it comes) “BACK IN MY DAY, we WALKED to our friend’s houses.” After blurting-out this statement, I realized I had become a B.I.M.D. club member. My grandkids aren’t the only ones to hear from me regarding this matter. The other day Judy and I were out for a drive, when I spotted some storage units built out in the middle of an expansive field on the outskirt

World Cup Fever High Despite No Team USA

“I have not moved for nearly 7 hours. I have felt all the emotions. I’m spent. And I’m mad that it’s taken me until my 42nd year to appreciate this. #WordCup2018” That tweet came from ESPN personality Michelle Beadle last Sunday after the Round of 16 match between Croatia and Denmark became the second match of the day to end in a penalty kick shootout. Hours earlier, the upstart hosts from Russia had ousted 2010 FIFA World Cup champion Spain on penalties in one of the biggest shocks of the tournament. The tourney concluded yesterday with France winning its second World Cup title with a 4-2 victory over the upstart Croatians. It was the highest scoring final since England defeated West German

David Price Might Actually Be a Gremlin.

I bet you remember the 80’s movie classic Gremlins. Its a clever family flick that I shared with my 9 year old twin girls recently. You might recall the three simple rules that must be followed with Gremlins at all times: No bright light Don’t get them wet Never feed them after midnight, no matter how much he begs Of course in the movie they never follow these rules and chaos ensues. Well, sometimes life imitates art and on The Drive radio show last week on 92.9FM in Bangor, Aaron Jackson, Mark Paulette and I made the life changing discovery that David Price is in fact a Gremlin. He’s sometimes cute and loving but often grouchy. And there's a complex set of rules that the Red Sox must follow

Don't Give The Warriors The Trophy Just Yet

It's remarkable how NBA free agency can send the national sports media into a frenzy. No, I'm not talking about LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. We all expected that. I'm talking about how every NBA writer is essentially awarding the 2019 Larry O'Brien Trophy to the Golden State Warriors after they signed DeMarcus Cousins last week. Let's pump the brakes a bit. The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy said the Warriors' starting five of Cousins, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green has greatest-of-all-time potential. Better than the 1986 Celtics? I don't think so. Remember, Shaughnessy also said LeBron is better than Michael Jordan. Let's flash back to the

Goodell and Manfred: A Pair Three of a Kind Can't Beat

Fourth & Goal by The Bam Major League Baseball and the National Football League have major leadership issues. Both leagues have commissioners who at times appear to be inept. Add to that, woefully inconsistent suspension parameters, and these sports have some issues. Jameis Winston has been suspended by Good ole Roger Goodell for essentially sexually assaulting an Uber driver two years ago. That's some swift justice there Rog. Winston got a whopping three games. Wow. That'll teach him! Talk about a slap on the wrist. His non throwing wrist I'm sure. Tom Brady deflated footballs, or had them deflated, or was vaguely aware that footballs were being touched, and he got four games. Tom Terrific

A Different Take On The World Cup

Literally, I have not watched two seconds of the World Cup. Let me take that back. Maybe two seconds. I walked by my friend’s office last week after work and she was watching. Aside from that, I’ve really had no interest. If the United States were playing, I might have had a bit more interest, or maybe not. Right now, my attention is focused on Wimbledon and the Cubs. Chances are I will not remember next year who won the 2018 World Cup, but there is one thing that I will never forget. Perhaps you’ve heard about it and if not, allow me to share. Earlier this week, Belgium rallied late to beat Japan. It was a heartbreaking loss for the Japanese. I’ve been around teams that have had heartbreaki

2018 NBA: ZZZzzzzzzz. Boring.

I miss the NBA. Not this farce of a game today where there are many I’s in team, but the actual NBA. The good ole days if you will. While the popular mantra now is that Kevin Durant broke the NBA, he didn’t. All of this ‘super team’ stuff has included the Heat, the Cavaliers and yes, the Celtics. In fact, Boston is one of the "have’s" and the game is still unwatchable. And the NBA is not alone. Let’s take a test. Pick 5 teams in each major sport that you think WILL win its league championship. You’re probably right in the NBA and MLB. You could be right in the NFL and you’re likely wrong in the NHL. If you’re in one of the few fan bases where your team has a chance, (like New England) you’re

I Say Pats Win 3 of First 4 Gmes. Wanna Bet on It?

News broke last week that Julian Edelman’s four-game suspension will be upheld. Personally I’m sure Edelman is innocent and this is yet another example of an over arcing conspiracy by officials in the league to chip away at the Patriots dynasty. However he will still have to sit four games. If the Pats went three and one without Tom Brady a few years ago do you have any doubt that they will be just fine without Edelman to start 2018? Texans, Jaguars, Lions, Dolphins. Those are the opponents out of the gate. While historically the Patriots have used September as an extended spring training of sorts, I have little doubt that the Pats go three and one at minimum during the stretch. The true key

Boston Sports Fans: Enemies of The State

I love being a Boston sports fan. Always have. But now more than ever. Yes, all of the winning makes it wicked easy. But what’s almost as much fun as watching the Pats storm back from 28-3 down is wearing Boston sports logo clothing in other cities. Talk about profiling and harassment. My buddy Rich and I just got back from seeing the Sox play the Nationals in Washington DC. I was wearing a Patriots golf shirt on the flight, looking a bit Tom Brady like if I do say so myself. As we approached the rental car counter the woman working there scowled at me. “Are you a Patriots fan?” she inquired. I assured her I was. Her look got a bit meaner as she explained she didn’t really hate my team, but

In The NBA It Takes Three to Tango

Welcome to the new NBA. It was formed shortly after LeBron made The Decision. It continues now that he has made the Decision sequel. Perhaps he was inspired by the Celtics Big 3 of KG, Pierce and Allen. It’s a world where you need three superstars to even be in the conversation to contend. There may come an outlier or two, like the mid 2000’s Pistons that are just all team and might be able to grind their way to the promised land. Heck, the Celtics this year in their playoff run might be in that category, too. But, the way this world works is that you have 3 guys that make ALL THE MONEY, and you fill out your roster from there. In the old NBA if you weren’t picking in the top 10 of the draf

In The Eyes of Roger Goodell, Nothing Is As Bad As Under Inflated Footballs

The king of double-standards, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has struck again. This week, it was announced that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will be suspended three games after his role in groping an Uber driver. Yes, we're talking about the same Winston who had some brushes with the law at Florida State, including a rape investigation and stealing crabs from a supermarket. Once again, the NFL gets it wrong, and Goodell looks like a hypocrite. Let's take a look here. Tom Brady got suspended for four games for something he did not do, because organizations like the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts threw hissy fits because the Patriots beat them in the playoffs, as p

Exercise Inspired Random Thoughts From Golf to Ear Hair

Interesting what comes to mind if you let your brain coast for a spell. You see, my wife Judy (the Fabulous Judester) has an Apple Watch with all sorts of fancy gizmos. One feature proving to be popular with Apple Watch folks is the app that tracks your exercise each day, particularly how many steps you take. Always up to a challenge, the Fabulous Judester powers-through at least 18,000 steps each day (usually more) in order to meet her daily Apple Watch requirement. Often she’s striding along the streets of Orono by 5:30am as she works to conquer her daily goal, and sometimes she takes me along with her, which is where the brain coasting thing comes-in. When I can’t think of an adequate exc

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