Lebron Wins Game #7. Celtics Lose Game #7.

Both headlines are correct. Social media and sports talk radio have been filled with folks debating both sides and on this rare occurrence, everyone is spot on. The C's led the best of seven series 3-2. Lebron played all but two minutes in game six and dropped 46 points at home. He never sat down in the deciding game. Kevin Love was out. Didn't matter. Lebron's 35 points were earned by him even with Brad Stevens threw every player and the kitchen sink at him and had no answer. King James has won 24 straight Eastern Conference playoff series. He is back in the final for the eighth straight year. He has not lost a game seven since 2008. But Boston could have ended those streaks. They had a 2-0

A Maine Hockey Fan’s Guide to the Stanley Cup Final

As a Boston sports fan, chances are you woke up grumpy recently now that both the Bruins and the Celtics seasons are over. But, before you turn your attention fully to the Red Sox, there’s still a minimum of four and maximum of seven more NHL games to play that will be worth watching. The 2018 Stanley Cup Final begins tonight in Las Vegas, a city that didn’t even have a team playing in the league last year. It’s the Vegas Golden Knights, the first NHL expansion team to reach the final since the 1968 St. Louis Blues, up against the Washington Capitals, whose last and only trip to the final was 20 years ago. This is the first Stanley Cup Final since 2007 to feature two teams that had yet to wi

Lebron Tired? UMaine Baseball. And Who Should Win The Stanley Cup

I spent a long time this week trying to decide what to write about. I was hoping the Maine baseball team would win the America East title, and I could share one of my NCAA Regional experiences. They truly were some of the highlights of my time at UMaine. I accompanied the team to four NCAA Regionals, and remember each of them vividly. Maine, unfortunately, dug itself a hole by losing the first game of the tournament again this year. The Black Bears were able to battle back and win a pair of games, but in the end, fell to Stony Brook. As stated before, I have a lot of respect for head coach Nick Derba, and can’t wait for him to lead them to a title. So, I’ll write about hockey. Two weeks ago,

Red Sox Management Is Apparently Clueless

As I continue to keep an eye on the Red Sox from afar, it is dumbfounding to me that the Sox are so beholden to Dustin Pedroia. They have now jettisoned Hanley Ramirez to get Pedroia back on the roster. Why? To save some cash? Since when do the Red Sox care about saving money? Hanley Ramirez is more reliable and a better player than Pedroia and has been for his entire career. I am sure most of the people reading this think Dave Dombrowski walks on water, but I don't. He's not the first, and probably not the last Sox GM, to make an egregious personnel decision. Boston has a long and storied history of cutting guys loose or not re-signing them when they should. Boggs, Clemens, Kevin Kennedy, F

Where Did The Spring Sports Season Go?

How crazy is it that we have one full week left in the high school spring sports season? If you’ve been involved in this or any spring season over the last 40 years, the answer to the question is, “not crazy at all”. Just think, pitchers and catchers started back on March 19th. Yes, two months ago that have left us in the blink of an eye. Baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, and the newest edition, lacrosse, will all be finishing up in the next few weeks, and next comes summer vacation. I’ve always thought spring coaches deserve their weight in gold. Why, you ask? Well, just think of all the obstacles they have to overcome. First of all, the weather. The weather this spring has been

And They’re Off!!!

As I was sitting at home Saturday with the kids watching the same episode of The Middle for the 34th time, I got a notification on my phone from ESPN that The Preakness was going to start shortly. I quickly grabbed the remote and put the TV on NBC so I could tune in and see if Justify get one step closer to The Triple Crown and sports history. The scene was grim. Not for Justify, the actual scene was grim. Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland looked more like the setting from The Walking Dead than it did one of horse racing’s biggest events. There were roughly 134,000 people there and it was so foggy that you couldn’t see more than three or four people away from you. It had rained for

This Red Sox Team Is On Pace To Be One Of The Best Evah!  (I've Got The Stats To Prove It)

If you are one of these people who get all fired up for things that don't come around that often like comets and royal weddings, then make sure you are on the Sox bandwagon big time! You probably recall Boston got off to the best start in franchise history at 17-2. But that's just the beginning. The Red Sox currently have the second best record through the first 47 games in team history! 1946 - (37-8, .804) - WS loser 2018 - (32-15, .681) - TBD 2007 - (32-15, .681) - WS winner 2002 - (32-15, .681) - No playoffs 1986 - (32-15, .681) - World Series loser 1978 - (32-15, .681) - Tie-breaker loser. Last year the Sox had less power than a battery powered outboard motor. This year The Red Sox have

This Celtics Run Is One Of The Most Stunning Stories I Have Ever Covered

When it was announced Kyrie Irving would miss the rest of the season because of his injured knee, the expectations for a deep playoff run disappeared. Sure, the road to the Eastern Conference Finals was something you thought the Celtics could navigate. But beating Philly in five games? Going up 2-0 on the Cavs? No one saw this coming. It's been such a thrill too to watch the growth and emergence of the young stars for Boston. Terry Rozier has burst onto the scene in the role of "Scary Terry" and it's been a pleasant surprise. Heck, he's been so good, he made Drew Bledsoe relevant again! Jaylen Brown's made a quantum leap as a scorer in his second postseason run. Jayson Tatum? Absolute stud a

Red Sox are Rockin' with 25% of the Season Already Done

The Red Sox have a quarter of the season behind them already. What an amazing beginning to the season it has been! The Sox tallied the best record to start a season in the 118 year history of the franchise. The Sox have 28 wins, the most in baseball, tied with the Yankees. Of course that means New York and Boston sit atop the American League East standings. What you might not realize is Boston has only played 15 games at Fenway Park. Many of those were played in frigid conditions. Only the Twins have played fewer home games in the American League. By comparison The Yanks have already played a whopping 25 home games! That's out of 40 total games. Talk about some cushy scheduling. The Sox have

The Vegas Golden Knights and Other Reasons To Not Miss The NHL Playoffs

As Boston sports fans, I think that we have become spoiled with the success that the teams have had over the past decade. The Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots have all had impressive seasons. I was disappointed when the Bruins were eliminated last week, however, I still think that there are some great reasons to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. First, is there a greater story in all of sports than the Vegas Golden Knights? The Celtics are a pretty great story and I would argue that Brad Stevens is currently one of the best coaches in professional sports, but what Vegas is doing is unprecedented. On the East coast, I’m not sure that people fully grasp what the Golden Knights have accompl

Lebron vs. Jordan? Forget it. King James is Not On The Same Court As At Least Five Others....

The Jordan-LeBron comparisons. Here's a short, simple message, in particular to those at a certain four-lettered network: Stop. One article last week suggested LeBron is bypassing Jordan as the greatest of all time. Sorry, ESPN, but it's not even close. Heck, I wouldn't consider LeBron a top-five player of all time. Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson is an ideal starting five. Let's reflect a bit, here. Jordan played in arguably the golden age of the NBA, with him, Magic and Bird all in their primes at the same time. Had Bird had a healthier back and Magic not been stricken with HIV, both of those guys could've played well into the mid-1990's. Jordan also pl

The Mother Of All Snubs: NBA Coaches Don't Cast One Vote For Brad Stevens

4th And Goal with The Bam! In honor of Mothers Day weekend, let's talk about the mother of all shaft jobs. The shafting of Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens by all the other NBA coaches in the pathetic NBA. Brad Stevens received exactly zero, with a Z, votes from his peers for Coach of the Year. Not a single one of those clowns thought that Stevens was the best coach in the league this year. All he did was lead his team to the to the second best record in the Eastern Conference. He did it without his mega star free agent home run, Gordon Haywardwho literally, almost , had his foot actually fall off about 5 minutes into game #1. Equally talented Kyrie Irving, missed most of the last 1/3 of th

Krazy Jake Comes Out of Hibernation to Chat About The Celtics, BigFoot & Brock Holt's Hair

Good to be back. I've recently returned from hiking the Appalachian trail for a sole searching expedition. I've lost all of my toe nails and I'm so hairy that I look like an albino Sasquatch- but I have peace of mind. No, not really. I don't have the stamina to hike up stairs to pee when the down stairs bathroom is occupied, much less hike 1800 miles...and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BIGFOOT you crazy squatchie weirdos. I am beyond excited about game 1 of the Celtics vs Cavs series. I've had more fun watching the C's this post season than I've had watching any other team in decades. Young, exciting, talented and they play with heart. Brad Stevens is a stud of a coach. The guy knows his stuff.

Tom and Gronk. Not Just a Great Name For a Sitcom....

It’s been a tough stretch for Patriots fans who have followed the off-season. It seems like every day we get a new story about the turmoil coming from Foxboro. As Pats fans for years we took the ‘In Bill We Trust’ approach to life. The players seemed to follow suit. For the most part that has remained the same… save for two glaring exceptions. Tom and Gronk. In the Not For Long (NFL) the New England Quarterback and his Tight End breathe rarified air. As a result of their talent and sustained success their celebrity has transcended the game. As the runs at rings kept coming they continued to drink the Kool-Aid…. Until recently. The Tom and Gronk that came into the league are gone. Those were

Is Sixers Coach Brett Brown on The Hot Seat?

"The 76ers should hire someone to be in charge of the players, maybe call an occasional play or make an adjustment. There should be a name for that job."- Kirk Minihan/WEEI Radio A week ago nobody in America was writing the headline I just wrote, or saying what Kirk Minihan tweeted yesterday. That's becuase 76ers Head Coach and Maine native Brett Brown had just wrapped up a fifty win season for the young and over achieving Philly team. Oh, and there was that streak of 20 wins in 21 games. Just about everyone on the planet thought Philly would roll past the banged up Celtics. But a week later Boston leads 3-0 and Brett Brown has suffered national public humiliation as he has been outwitted ea

Bruins Season Is Over - Thanks in Part to The Officials

It's easy to criticize in the heat of playoff heartbreak. Yes, the Boston Bruins lost to a better team in getting dispatched in five games by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Was the officiating inconsistent? Absolutely. Is the frustration of Bruins' fans warranted? I think so. Sometimes, it's easy to see when calls go one way and not the other. Watch any NBA playoff game involving LeBron, and watch him become melodramatic on flagrant fouls that were common fouls in the Bird-Magic-Jordan golden age of basketball, or cry to the referees every time he gets whacked in the lane, and it's a play on. Watch Sidney Crosby slash guys in sensitive areas,

Hockey East Will Have a New Playoff Format This Season

The college hockey offseason is typically uneventful, save for coaching changes or players leaving school early to chase NHL dreams. Recently, it was announced that Hockey East was switching its playoff format, going from an 11-team tournament to the old format of eight teams. The format was switched for the 2013-14 season, when Notre Dame joined the league, and saw the top five teams earn byes. In the two years the league had 12 squads, after Connecticut came on board, the top four regular-season finishers bypassed the opening round. To say that this is a great change is a huge understatement. The change was voted on by the league's athletic administrators. I've never been a big fan of ever

The Bruins Are in Trouble and Other Second Round Thoughts

After last night’s 4-1 defeat in Game 3 of their Stanley Cup Playoffs Second Round series at home to the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Boston Bruins find themselves in a dubious position. With the series knotted at one game apiece coming home, the Bruins had the opportunity to take a firm hold of the series against a team they defeated three out of four times during the regular season. Instead, they began with a lack of focus leading to two Ondrej Palat goals in the first four minutes from which they never recovered. Last night’s loss showed Boston’s real vulnerability in this series: Tampa Bay’s defensive corps is much better than theirs. Not only is Tampa’s six-man defensive unit better than Bo

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