Pats Will Win Again- And Us Non-Pats Fans Will Die A Little More

Here we go...the week leading up to Super Bowl 52l. No more talking about a week away, now it’s just days and hours. While everyone outside of New England and the snowbirds in Florida become huge Philadelphia Eagles fans, fans like me who have no horse in the race, have to root for a team they really don’t like. I’m a New York Giants fan. I loved the firing of Ben McAdoo (nice hair, you loser), I’m lukewarm on Pat Shurmur (although the last Cleveland Browns coach that was fired and got a real chance somewhere else has done just fine….BB), and I don’t know if I want Eli Manning back or not. Let’s get back to the two teams in the Super Bowl and why I hate them. For Philly, I go back to the day

Fourth & Goal - Abolish All Star Games. Put Clemens, Bonds and Rose in the Hall of Fame. There,

It's Pro Bowl Sunday. Raise your hand if you were excited about this game? Or even watched it at all? I can't even see you and I know that you don't have your hand raised. The Pro Bowl, like it's dysfunctional brothers , the NBA and NHL All Star games is a complete joke on every level. It used to be that the only positive for the players in this game was a payroll bonus and a free trip to Hawaii. Now, some years they don't even get to go to Hawaii. Welcome to beautiful Orlando instead! The only thing that might remotely get me excited about any of these all star games is if I was in Vegas and I could bet on the over. In the Pro Bowl They don't play by the actual rules of the game. No blitzes

40 Years of Awesome Hockey at the Alfond

A week ago Saturday, I went to the University of Maine men’s ice hockey game against New Hampshire. That night they celebrated the 40th anniversary of Alfond Arena. It’s always hard for me to go back, and I almost didn’t this time. In a way, this place feels like home to me and at times I really miss it. After the game, I stopped to think of all the amazing moments that have happened at Alfond Arena, and all the phenomenal players who have laced up their skates there. Both of those are too great to recount. I remember all the nights that I sat in the press box, all alone in the rink near midnight finishing up my work. That was special. The fact that Maine was playing arch-rival New Hampshire

As a Former NFL Player, I See Why I Should Pick Philly- But Just Can't Do It. Here's Why.

It pains me to admit this given that I grew up a fan of (and played for) the J-E-T-S, but I’m as amazed as everyone else by this New England Patriots dynasty. Over the course of my nine-year career I was incredibly lucky to have played in 9 playoff games. Many NFL players don’t get to play in any. During the Brady/Belichick era the Pats have played in 8 Super Bowls (counting this Sunday). So they’ve played in almost as many Super Bowls as I’ve played in total playoff games. I’ve recently spoken with a couple of friends who are beat writers covering this game and they're amazed at how Super Bowl week in the New England locker room is almost like any other week during the regular season. They

Here's The Real Reason The Country Hates The Pats

Why do Patriot haters exist? What inspires these people to despise our heroes in those snazzy blue, red and silver helmets? Obvious answer: because they win so much. But still, is consistent winning the primary reason for all the slings and arrows heaved toward Foxboro? No, it’s not. I figured it out today. More specifically, I figured it out this morning around 9:20, right after watching Bill Belichick’s press conference with reporters. Why do people hate the Patriots? Because their coach is a jerk. Funny thing is-behind the scenes people say Coach Bill is a pretty decent, even funny dude. But put him front of a camera with reporters? Jerk. I don’t get it. Sure, I dig that he doesn’t want t

Roll Tide Pods Roll

When I was young I would pass my time walking around the house with some duct tape, a ball of yarn and some gum wrappers and try to make improvised devices to get myself out of imaginary sticky situations. Yes, I constantly emulated MacGyver because Richard Dean Anderson was, at the time, very cool. I actually referred to myself as MikeGyver for a brief period of time. That was how I passed my time and kept myself amused. (Side note, CBS’s reboot of MacGyver lacked the enigmatic star power that RDA brought to the show. Some things should be left in the past.) Now kids are taking to their local grocery store, hitting the cleaning isle and purchasing Tide Pods to do what?Eat them. You have got

Greatness By The Numbers

This is the first in a series of blogs from Joe Carr looking back at the amazing 1992-1993 National Championship Team. It's a must read for Black Bear fans as we approach the 25th anniversary of the greatest hockey team ever to hit the ice. Thanks to our sponsor EBS! - Jeff Solari Those of us who are old enough and lucky enough remember the winter of 1992-93 fondly. As I recall, it was sunny every day and the temperature was in the 70s right straight through. University of Maine hockey coach Shawn Walsh was always happy to show off his ability to leap over any building (even those big ones in Portland) in a single bound. After all, his team played 45 games and only lost once, despite playing

I Wear My Participation Medal Proudly

Howdy "Sports Chowdah Heads"! I've been on hiatus from my blogging for a few months in order to focus on some very important areas in my life that need vast improvement. Juuust kidding, I stopped trying to improve at anything years ago, it's exhausting! Besides, we all get participation trophies nowadays, why worry being the best? At any rate, its good to be back in the Chowdah Mix. Tough playoff loss for my 5th grade youth basketball team today! (I don't play, I'm just the coach..although playing against 10 year old's would be awwwesome!) We battled until the end but came up 10 points shy of capturing our second victory of the season. We battled through hacking, (as in excessive fouling) co

Maine Hockey Misses Opportunity Against UNH

Normally, two points in a Hockey East weekend wouldn't be a bad deal for a team. But in the case of the University of Maine, it was somewhat of a disappointment. The cards were perfectly lined up for the Black Bears to make a statement this weekend against rivals New Hampshire. Maine was celebrating the 40th anniversary of Alfond Arena. UNH was scuffling. This was the Bears' chance to resoundingly sweep their rivals from Durham. It didn't happen, and Maine had to settle for a pair of ties, remaining winless against the Wildcats since the 2014-15 season. To say it was a frustrating weekend was an understatement. Maine led 2-0 late in the second period on Friday only to have UNH score with 3 s

What Can the Upcoming Winter Olympics Teach Us?

With most of our sports attention this weekend focused on Foxboro and the health of Tom Brady’s throwing hand, many probably missed a major sports story across the globe that should get lots of headlines in the coming weeks. On Saturday, the International Olympic Committee approved a plan allow 22 North Korean athletes from five different sports to compete at next month’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. That includes twelve women’s hockey players who will join with the South Korean team to play as a unified Korea. This is the first time that will ever happen in that sport and the first time North and South Korea will compete as a single team at a top level international competit

It may have only been one game, but it was much more than that

As Patriot nation prepared for the gloom and doom that was the possible loss to underdog Jacksonville, one of life’s constants was about to re-emerge. Christmas is on the 25th of December, there are fireworks on the 4th of July, taxes are due in April, and Tom Brady’s Patriots will find a way to win. Our hero, TB12, had some chinks in his armor in this one. Tape on his throwing hand, his go to sidekick, Gronkzilla out with a concussion, but as has been the case more time than not since 2001, a man named Brady would find a way. That’s the part where it’s about more than one game. This is the ‘norm’ for the Patriots. I almost have to laugh as I write that because I am old enough to remember wh

I have a confession to make...I doubted TB 12

I couldn’t be more ashamed of myself right now. Really. I’d be less embarrassed if I was caught singing along out loud to Milli Vanilli at the gym, busted eating quinoa, or exposed for watching anything involving the Kardashians. My sin is far greater; I doubted the Patriots. (Slight pause as I scan for the most deserved lightning bolt striking me from the heavens.) Its sad but true. Down by 10 points, around nine minutes to play, against one of the best defenses in the NFL, with as many as ten stitches in his throwing hand, and without Gronk, I questioned whether Tom Brady could lead the franchise to their record 10th Superbowl appearance. How foolish of me. Maybe it was the constant pro Ja

4th & Goal: Time to Put an End to The Insanity of American Pro Teams Playing in Other Countries

This edition of 4th and goal has international incident written all over it. More to the point, outrage over international games. It's a disturbing trend that isn't slowing down. Commissioners of leagues simply don't seem to care about the communities that their teams are in. For a small public relations splash, The NBA, Major League Baseball, NFL and the NHL commissioners are all guilty of shafting cities within their leagues of valuable dollars by taking home games away. I'm not sure which of these clowns started the trend, but the time has come for someone to stand up and say this is a joke and needs to stop. The NFL announced this week that fans of the LA Chargers, the Jacksonville Jagua

Kids Can Learn Alot From Listening to Their Coach

I love talking about topical life events. It’s easy to talk about what you know best, and normally that is yourself. I told you a few weeks back that I was coaching the JV2 team at Foxcroft Academy. We started back in November with all the other teams and I knew after the first practice, this was going to be a process. By process, I mean a lot of work, but I was ready to give it my all. Over the last nine weeks, my life has been consumed by basketball (outside to going to Florida at Christmas….I want that weather back). I’ve watched it, read it, taught it, and thought it. I’ve asked coaches that I know all kinds of questions, and all of them have been so gracious in giving me advice and answ

Coach Cosgrove Coaching Mules, Not Bears? Works For Me.

When I heard the news two weeks ago that Coach Jack Cosgrove was taking the Colby College football position, my initial reaction was wow! The more I think and read about it however, it seems like a great fit. I never worked with the football program directly while at UMaine, but working there for 15 years I certainly knew Coach Cos. For a long time, he epitomized Maine athletics. One of my most vivid memories was standing on Morse Field with fellow assistant athletic directors Seth Woodcock and Will Biberstein when Maine hosted New Hampshire on Dec. 7, 2013 in the FCS Playoff Second Round. It was probably three hours before the game, and as we stood there talking a bald eagle flew over the e

Tom Brady is Becoming as Weird as Tom Cruise

A man revered by the masses. A global icon whose reign at the top spanned decades. He's rich beyond the average person’s wildest dreams. A bevy of beautiful women awaiting his beckon call. Slowly, as the years press on this man becomes very aware of the way that he is viewed by the world. This man starts to guzzle his own Kool-Aid by the gallon. The more we start to know about this man… the more we realize that this man, is pretty, pretty, pretty… weird. I came to the realization recently. Tom Brady is quickly becoming the next Tom Cruise. Hear me out. On top of his game for years. The biggest star in his profession. The kind of fame that doesn’t allow you to go unnoticed anywhere. The next

The Pats Remind Me of The Great Ice Storm of '98

I still visit local elementary schools to chat about weather from time-to-time, which has always been a treat. Inevitably, one of the kiddos will ask me this question: “What is the worst storm you’ve ever seen in Maine?” The answer, of course, is the ice storm of ’98. That event wreaked havoc across our beloved state, robbing us of our power, heat, and eventually, good spirits as day after day droned-on without electricity and hot water. It was kind of fun to hunker-down amidst the candles and flashlights initially, but that scenario got old in short order. That now famous title, “The Ice Storm of ‘98” has always made me pause. When I think of a storm, I think of wild winds, or tons of snow,

Terrible Towels Can't Overcome Terrible Coaching

I have come to really dislike the Steelers. It wan't always this way. But in recent years the unjust arrogance of the players, ineptness of the coach and smugness of their fans is just nauseating. It's a storied franchise for sure with six Superbowl titles. But today's Steelers are basically trust fund kids riding their parents coat tails. They are undisciplined and often under prepared On the field they often don't back up the bravado and hot air emanating from their pie holes. It starts with the vastly over rated head coach. Mike Tomlin has had some great regular season success, but has just an 8-7 career record in the postseason. He won the Superbowl in 2008, but in the nine seasons since

Mid-Term Answers to 31 NHL Questions

Before the NHL season began, I asked what I felt was the biggest question for every NHL team in 2017-18. Most teams have reached the 41-game mark, exactly half of the 82-game season. Here are the mid-term answers to every NHL’s teams question. Anaheim Ducks: The window to get a second Stanley Cup for Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry is closing. Do the Ducks have enough depth around them to get them there? Mid-Term Answer: No. They lack offensive punch outside of their stars and are flirting with missing the playoffs. Arizona Coyotes: The team has a lot of young offensive talent and not much else. Will the additions of Derek Stepan, Niklas Hjalmarsson, and Antti Raanta greatly improve a bad team?

Just who are these Black Bears?

Over the last few years, whenever the University of Maine hockey team ventured south of Kittery, you could automatically chalk it up in the loss column. But this year's Black Bears have a road swagger about them. Maine hasn't played at Alfond Arena since Dec. 6. a six-game road stretch awaited coach Red Gendron's club. The Black Bears have won their first five after blanking Boston University 3-0 on Saturday. A road shutout anywhere, much less on Commonwealth Avenue, would've been an afterthought in years past. Something is different about this team. Anybody who knows anything about hockey knows a team is built from the net and up. And the Black Bears have an elite goaltender in Boston Bruin

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