Homecoming at UMaine

I had a lot of fun tailgating for homecoming at U Maine Saturday. Beautiful afternoon in the Leadbetter Parking Lot as the Bakers (shown left) served up dogs, kielbasa, and other delicious tailgate food. My team also handed out almost $2000 worth of free appetizer coupons to the Sea Dog for people who signed up for the Chowdah! Maine came from behind to blister the hapless Rams of Rhode Island 51-27. A big crowd of more than 9000 watched then win. Meanwhile in Bangor, the Husson Eagles wiped out Castleton 49-0 for a homecoming win at the Winkin Complex. More than 2100 people were on hand for the matchup. -SOLARI

Wicked Hot Takes

Plug in the AC unit. It’s about to get wicked hot up in here. Or something like that. Nice win by the Sox yesterday. That win probably saved John Farrell’s job. A loss and I think he gets the boot today. The playoff collapse before game three can’t be blamed all on him. And he did win the division two years in a row. But the internal culture of the team is a mess and public perception is not overly favorable. There were tickets to Game 3 at Fenway available until first pitch. In reality the game might not have been a complete sellout. This team should be a legit World Series contender. Anything less and the blame, and ax, should fall. The Maine football team is 1-3 and 0-3 in CAA conference

I Wouldn't Bet on The Sox. Or against Them.

“You want to get nuts?! Ok. Let’s get nuts!” Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne delivers this line to Jack Nicholson’s Joker in the 1989 Batman movie. It seems to fit here as we get ready for the Red Sox-Astros Division Series, If for no other reason than you are nuts if you think you know how this series will play out. The Sox are like one of those great riddles Heath Ledger's brilliant Joker presents to Christian Bale's Batman in The Dark Knight. That joker puts bombs in a hospital and on two Gotham ferries loaded with convicts and civilians. He's nuts and he The has captured a loved one of yours. Their life depends on you accurately picking the winner of this best of five series between Boston

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