Therapy for a football elitist

Hi. My name is Jeff. And I’m a football snob. It’s true. When it comes to the pigskin, I’m a spoiled brat. There are a couple of causes behind my affliction. As a fan and a member of the media I’ve been fortunate enough to attend numerous Patriots games. Watching the Pats in person with occasional behind the scenes access is pretty darn cool. But that’s just the beginning. While living in Alabama I got hooked on a drug known as college football. It was all innocent in the beginning when one warm and sunny Saturday I made the drive through the woods and swamps from Mobile to Tuscaloosa. As I walked into Bryant Denny Stadium and witnessed 80,000 people singing “Sweet Home Alabama” in perfect h

Bill Belichick for President

After months of studying polling, watching debates, analyzing the pressing issues, and biting a hole clear through my lower lip while suffering through the barrage of political commercials, I have made my selection for President of the United States of America. Actually I even went to the polls and voted early. My vote went to… wait for it…. William Stephen Belichick. Yup. I swear on Gronk’s party boat that I wrote in Coach Hoodie to be Commander in Chief. Why you ask? Well, to quote the future leader of the free world, “It is what it is.” If that doesn’t clear it up, let me give you ten more reasons: Coach Bill always does “What’s best for the team.” Wouldn’t that really be nice from a gove

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