Tom Brady is the MVP

Recently on THE DRIVE, the boys and I had a spirited debate as to the chances of Tom Brady being voted MVP this season. If you listen to the show you know I’m pretty darn good with my bold prognostications. I’m rarely wrong, or so I have convinced myself. But on that particular day I was indeed mistaken when I stated Brady wouldn’t win because he would only be playing in 12 games. Today I stand corrected, because as sure as Coach Bill was rocking the pom pom hat on the sidelines versus Buffalo, Tom Brady will be the MVP this year. As you’ll recall, Brady gets to play in four fewer games this season because of the long national nightmare known as Deflategate, a fraud perpetrated on us by the

Four Score and Many More

As I watched Oklahoma and Texas Tech give the scoreboard operator in Lubbock a migraine Saturday night, it occurred to me that football played with no defense whatsoever is freaking awesome! The Sooners won the game 66-59. The two teams racked up an FBS record 1,708 yards of offense. Yup. Basically one mile of total offense. It’s the kind of game that makes defensive coordinators ready for a straight jacket fitting. The two punters might as well have taken their phones and roamed campus looking for Pokémon. And you know what? I loved it! “That conference is a farce!,” laments my friend, Richard, referring to the BIG XII. I asked him if he had watched the shootout. “JV Football,” he rants.

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