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Are The Red Sox Back? Nope.

June 17, 2019


A win is a win. The Red Sox have won five games in a row. I’ll take it! 


But….. forgive me if I don’t dance naked in the streets. Actually you should thank me for not doing that I suppose.


At some point Id like to see this team look like last years squad and beat a viable Major League opponent several times in a series.


The latest streak came by winning two in a row at home against the average Texas Rangers and three in a road at Baltimore against the worst team in the sport. That shows us nothing.


Before beating up on the barely Triple A O’s, the Sox lost 3 out of 4 at home to the Rays. Who are good. Sox fans had hope going into that series as the home town team had racked up four wins in a row. Kind of. Three of them came against the Royals, another true bottom feeder. 


How’s the Sox head to head record with legit teams this year? Lets take a look:


Yankees: 1-4

Houston: 2-4

Tampa: 4-5

Cleveland: 1-2


Total: 8-15


That blows.


Boston is at Minnesota this week for three games. If you have not been paying attention, the Twins are one of the best teams in baseball. It would be nice to see the Sox roll into that stadium and take 2 out of 3. But it would be nice to see sunny and 80’s days from now until Halloween. Not likely. 

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