January 14, 2020

How’s the New Year’s resolution deal working-out for you so far in 2020? I’ll share my primary “rez” with you in a bit, but first….

 Being a card-carrying member of the meteorology geek club, I am into numbers and stats having to do with….duh….weather. 

Let me throw some at you as we peer in our...

December 16, 2019

Many moons ago when I was a young’un, I thought my parents were toasting their old Aunt Stine on New Year’s Eve.  Turns out they were toasting to Auld Lang Syne, words contributed  by 18th century Scots which mean “old long since,” or “to long ago times.”

Before long, we will be hoisting a cup o...

November 22, 2019


So my pal Bill Green is retiring.  Yep, the amiable and talented host of “Bill Green’s Maine” is hanging it up after…get this…47 years at WLBZ/WCSH TV.  I was at these same stations for 22 years, which seemed like quite the stretch, but compared to Bill’s tenure?  Not so much....

October 28, 2019

Forty something years ago (gulp!) yours truly was “cutting cups” at Penobby. 

What does cutting cups mean, and where is Penobby? 

Well first, cutting cups refers to cutting into a golf green with a special tool that digs a round hole for the cup to be placed in. You know that thing the flag sticks out...

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