April 27, 2020

The NFL Draft was the first sense of normalcy in a Patriots offseason that has been anything but. There was something refreshing about Bill Belichick doing Bill Belichick things. 

Bill traded out of the first round, #23 overall, to pick up a second and a third rounder. This was fairly predictable unl...

April 13, 2020

With the buzz about the royal wedding beginning to subside, I got to thinking about who had sat upon the throne of Boston sports. There isn’t much argument as to who is sitting atop the kingdom right now, but going by the rules of the monarchy, where you are king until you parish, I wondered what th...

April 13, 2020

Almost two years ago, I drew the lineage of Boston sports royalty. 

(The piece from May 2018 is included in this edition of the Chowdah. Keep scrolling) 

Well in two years since that piece was written (I think there was a Royal wedding or baby, or a royal baby wedding that everybody was hot and heavy...

April 6, 2020

Under the auspices of staying inside and away from people, I hunkered down on Sunday afternoon. While I scoured Netflix I stumbled upon Oliver Stone’s 1999 football flick, Any Given Sunday. 

You might be shocked to learn, that I, Sterling Pingree, all-time sportsman and football guy (seasonally...

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